New network in the works for imaginative webcomics

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New network in the works for imaginative webcomics

Postby Twotimingpete on Thu Jun 08, 2006 2:39 am

What I have planned is basically a dropdown exchange, but more elaborate and robust than what you're used to seeing on here.

Before I explain how it works, it's not going to be all-inclusive. The ceiling will be between 10 and 15 comics and the criteria for joining is pretty specific. The purpose of this network is "strength in numbers" -- Sharing traffic between high quality websites. If a reader likes any of them, he or she will likely find something to like in all of them. That's the goal.

Here's the gist of how it works:

There will be a network "capsule" on each site in the network. Inside the capsule will be, on the left, an image for the network and a dropdown selector below it. On the right of that will be a small content area that has blurb about the network. now, when you select a comic from the menu, the content area will change to show a small image specific to the selected comic and also show a blurb of text describing the selected comic. there will then be a "go" button to click and go to that website.

this network capsule will be very professional and slick looking, and putting it on a webpage will be a simple matter of pasting the source code. All of the content generated on it for the images and text and what's in the menu will be referenced from my server.

Now, onto the criteria. There are a few I can go over.

1) First and foremost, I have to personally think your comic is good and capable of sustaining traffic. This is more the "x factor" that's harder to quantify and partially subject to my personal taste.

2) The overall theme of the network is "imaginative". Nothing derivative. Dorks who play video games, college room mates, etc. Comics are very unlikely to be accepted.

3) There is a preference towards aliens/zombies/other planets, but it is NOT a requirement.

4) humor based or story based are both fine. my comic is a combination of both.

5) you have to have an update schedule declared on your website and you have to stick to it consistently. Quality, reliable, imaginative websites is the idea here.

6) a good looking website layout that fits together with the theme of your comic is a big plus, but not a requirement.

7) there are no pre-existing traffic requirements, but having better traffic is always a plus.

8) color is highly preferred.

9) comics that update 3 to 5 times a week need at least 20 comics archived to be considered. comics updating 1 or 2 times a week require at least 10. This is flexible if your work is outstanding.

The plan is to start with the network capsule being what comprises the entire network, but if all things work out, eventually it could become more integrated and have a hub site (ala

If you are interested, feel free to post here or email me.

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Postby Warofwinds on Thu Jun 08, 2006 7:11 am

I'd defintiely be interested in this. What information do you need?

My site:

1) I have a steady audience that so far has continued to grow every month. As for numbers, never been comfortable posting those. I have enough that my readers do leave me messages and participate in things I offer.

2) I hereby declare my comic imaginative. Disagree, and I may have to throttle you. (Kez, how many time have I told you threatening people is no way to introduce yourself! ...sorry.)

3) Other planet. With 7 moons.

4) Story based,

5) Updates Sat/Sun, with cast questions on wed.

6) website should speak for itself.

7) see 1.

8) Full color.

9) 150+ archive.

Anything else, just ask.
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Postby TYL on Sat Jun 10, 2006 7:26 pm

Sounds interesting.

The comic is TYL. It's running about 55 pages, twice a week. In six months I have missed about 3 updates. Full color, super long, and done in a style I've yet to see done before. Decent readership, solid site design. Humor filled story driven tale about preventing the apocolypse.

Check it out, and let me know what you think.
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Postby Swiftbow on Mon Jun 26, 2006 2:27 pm

My comic updates weekly, with 51 comics currently in the archives. My traffic is fairly decent now, with about 100 daily visits, and several regular commentators. It is combo story/humor in full color.
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Postby EmergencyExit on Sat Jul 01, 2006 8:53 am

I have two comics, if either works that's nifty.

Emergency Exit:

Has roomates but with supernatural/science fiction stuff, is in colour, updates 4 times a week, has over 500 strips in archives and gets a little over 800 daily visitors.

Undead Friend:

A different, humerous twist on ghosts and zombies. It is in Black and White however, comic format, has about 250 pages in archive. Has over 800 visitors reading it on the day it updates, untill now I had updated it once a month with around 15 to 20 new pages, though starting August 1st it'll be MWF updation.
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Postby Rcmonroe on Wed Aug 30, 2006 1:27 pm

Sure, I'm intrigued…

For your consideration:

1) I think my strip's okay; I'm not the best judge, though.

2) If there's another comic that mine is a derivation of, I'd love to see it.

3) Strike one/two/three. But you said it's not a prerequisite.

4) It's humor and story-based.

5) My update schedule isn't posted, but that's easily remedied. I update six days a week and I work several weeks ahead, so missing an update is extremely unlikely. Haven't missed one to date.

6) My website is pretty simple, but then again so is my drawing style. I may change the look of the site someday, but for now, it's functional.

7) I have no idea how to make a meaningful comparison in order to determine whether my traffic is any good. My site's only been running a little over three months. My traffic has been building slowly since the beginning. I'm somewhat disappointed by the numbers (about 100 unique visitors a day), but they may be appropriate for a comic as new as mine.

8) All black and white here. I'd like to do color someday, but I'm not getting paid enough to put in that kind of time.

9) I've got around 70 in my archive, I think. That number grows daily.
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Postby Lozza on Thu Aug 31, 2006 3:11 am

I really like the sound of this. I'm new to webcomics and I'm not sure if mine is up to a decent standard yet, but I figure this is worth a shot.

1) I'm probably the worst person to judge this.

2) I like to think it's pretty imaginative. Everyone I've shown it to says it's weird..I don't know if weird and imaginative are the same thing.

3) Uhh...there may be aliens in it later, they're not a major component of the plot though.

4) It's story based with a bit of humour.

5) I update weekly. So far I've missed one update, though that was due to computer troubles which I've sorted out now (And know how to sort out quickly if they occur again).

6) Web design is my hobby.

7) It's quite new, I don't have that much traffic yet.

8) I have recently started adding colour, and it will continue to be in colour.

9) I've got about 20 pages in my archive.

My comic is
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Postby JTorch on Thu Aug 31, 2006 7:33 am

My comic is a piece of crap, but I might as well go for it anyway:
1) I do have quite a few regular visitors that I know about, so does that mean I'm capable of sustaining traffic?

2) I think it's pretty imaginative. I mean.. it DOES take place on a fork.

3) Not really aliens, but the Cutlerians (people of Fork) look pretty weird

4) Combination of story and humor.

5) Update schedule is shown right under the title bar. I missed a week, but that was due to moving and scanner issues.

6) I think my site layout blows, but I've recieved a couple of good comments on it.

7) Like I said, I know of a few returning visitors, and I get a couple of what I believe are new visitors daily.

8) Every tenth comic is in color (starting at number 19, non-colored comics are in greyscale), and I'm likely going to switch to full color in the near future.

9) Updates twice a week (Wednesday and Friday), with 13 achived comics (plus two non-comic "new chapter" title pages) and 10 or so more comics uploaded, waiting to be put on the site on their scheduled days.
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Postby Black Fox on Thu Aug 31, 2006 9:14 am

Very interested though I am not sure whether I fit the criteria here! I guess you'll be the judge of that eh? :)

1) Don't know really! What constitutes a good traffic? I know many people come to ready me...

2) It is imaginative...*nods*

3) Emm...I might show some zombies some time...miiiiight!

4) Story based...with an aptitude to mystery.

5) Updates Monday and Thursday...I keep missed updated to a minimum and always compensate for them...

6) My site is fairly good methings but I am working on a revamp right now too...

7) I think I answered this...

8) And colored it is!!

9) An archive of almost 150 pages...very soon to be...
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Postby Oarfly on Fri Sep 01, 2006 10:07 am

Hm, guess I could try out for that one. The comic is here.

1) So judge it.

2) Highly imaginative. Trust me on this one, in one of the latest strips I had people using toilet scrubbers and mobile phones as weapons.

3) No such things yet, though the comic is flexible enough to allow for them to appear.

4) The comic is humor-based, with short storylines and recurring characters. Otherwise it's almost completely random.

5) Updates Monday and Friday, and in almost 3 months I've missed two updates. Sometimes I may fall victim to procrastination, but I get back on track.

6) The website has a simple, yet nice-looking and easily navigated design.

7) That's my weakness, I'm afraid. Don't judge by the lack of comments on the tagboard, though, visits are not that low. I switched to a different tagboard provider a day ago.

8) Check.

9) 22 strips so far, and counting. I guess for two updates a week that's enough?
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Postby JTorch on Wed Sep 06, 2006 9:18 pm

Just curious.. what's the current status of this project?
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Postby Kasaii on Thu Sep 07, 2006 5:41 pm

Don't know if I'm quite what you're looking for, but I consider myself imaginative at least. :)

1) You'll have to decide, but while my fanbase is small, it's very loyal. I like to think that's due to quality on my part, as opposed to insanity or something. ;)

2) There are superheroes, but I think I've got something a little different working out here.

3) Aliens and zombies may/have play/played small roles, although it's still earth-based.

4) Humor - serious combination.

5) My update schedule was spotty while I was moving (hence my delay in posting here) but is back on track.

6) While my website is simple, I think it's clean and nice.

7) Traffic is lowish (runs typically around 300 uniques per day), but constant.

8) Colour is automatic, with the style. ;)

9) 140 comics in the archives, updating 5 times a week.

In all seriousness, I don't know if I'm professional enough for your network, but I want to give it a shot regardless.
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Postby Quazar451 on Fri Oct 13, 2006 8:42 pm

Hmmm... intriguing. I personally like my strip, and I have gotten good reviews from readers:

1. I will let you decide this.

2. It is certainly not derivative of anything that I know of. (No sprites, no anime etc.)

3. The main character is an alien, and his sidekick is the ultimate palm pilot.

4.Story based, but it does have some humor.

5. I post at least every two weeks, lately around every 10 days. I would post weekly, but I am a full time student and I work full time, so posting more often might damage the quality of the artwork, and defeat the purpose of doing this in the first place.

6. The website is pretty straightforward- the comic is the reason for the webpage, not the other way around... but the colors do match anyway!

7. Traffic is around 95 visits a day... not bad considering it is pretty new and the only promotion has been word-of-mouth and a POG on Comicgenesis' main page.

8. Comic is full color.

9. Six pages are up so far, but I think the comic may fall into the "exception"- I think it looks pretty good. :)

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Postby Mrdaveryan on Wed Dec 13, 2006 12:04 am

Is this still happening? If so, I'm interested.

1) I would read my comic if someone else was writing it, but you tell me.

2) Well I guess it's derivative in that the comic incorporates everything I'm into. But one of the main reason I'm interested in this dropdown is because my comic doesn't fit into the other categories I've seen.

3) Hmmm, aliens are a little ways off, how's robots/zombies/demons?

4) Sotry based, but some of the dialouge is sorta funny

5) Pretty consistent, though the recent holidays throw me off a bit. I need to post my update schedule, been meaning to for a few weeks now, just need to decide where I want to place it on the site.

6) I like my website- no clutter, gets right to the point. But it's the one thing that's consistently criticized, so you be the judge. My character page got a couple high-fives.

7) I've got a handful of regulars and daily visits increases by a bit every month.

8) Always

9) coming up on 40

I like what I'm seeing in a lot of the other applicants, so I hope this gets off the ground.
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