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Postby Lady Blue on Sun Apr 16, 2006 9:18 am

I need extras for my comic, The Thirteenth Month and since I don't want to come up with literally hundreds of characters for it, I'm looking for some help.

I would like the characters to be humanoid, and preferably have lighter skin. I reserve the right to alter, rename, or disgard any extra. These characters will be used multiple times, and each time I use them I'll link your comic/web page! You can offer any of your characters in your comic, or yourself/friends/family members (with their permission, of course) A name, an age, and a picture (or description of how they look) are nessisary. And yes, I might make them older or younger, to fit my needs. But you'll still get credit.

So, if you're not completely confused, I need help. Please post!
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Postby Phact0rri on Sun Apr 16, 2006 11:50 am

These reseverations are a little tough to go on. I'd suggest looking at what your saying and see if it really makes a lot of sense.

Basically what your asking is if you can take the "character designs" not the characters. Really most of us are quite attached to the character designs, and they were designed for the characters personalities, names, and mood of the comic.

Really I don't want my character designs used without the characters themselves being shown. as they are created for the characters, and I'm quite attached to my characters. where I'd be glad to have my charactered cameoed. My Character designs stolen and reused as just paper dolls.. so to speak however doesn't sit well with me. and if this is what you want, then some character designs that you create, should be what you are doing.

designing characters beit only about for a few pages is still something that is fun, and good practice.
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