The Old Newsbox is broken, so let?s make a Tempbox :)

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The Old Newsbox is broken, so let?s make a Tempbox :)

Postby Randomthoughts on Tue Nov 29, 2005 3:36 pm

As the old newsbox is busted, and our over worked Admins have a lot on there plate right now, I think it could be fun to take this crisis and turn it into an opportunity to get to know one another a little better.

How?s that, you ask?
Thanks to Matt Johnson, Plotlessviolence and Mercury Hat I have been given the code to create an impromptu Newsbox via Java Script (thank you Matt)!

Right now I?m looking to make a PG 13/ Web 14 box (that seems to be the average rating around these parts)? so if enough people are interested, (at least two) I?ll post the code you need to put next to you old news box code in order for the TempBox to appear. If a lot of people show interest, but want a TempBox with a different rating (like G or NC-17) I?ll build one of those.

So let?s get this going.
If you feel like joining, post you?re web 14 banner (150px wide and 300px tall, like the real one) here, and I?ll upload it to a photobuket account, and hand out the wonderful code that makes it work.

I?ll check back tomorrow to see if anyone likes this idea, or wants to try something else.
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