Guest Strip X-change

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Guest Strip X-change

Postby Poinko on Sat Nov 27, 2004 8:31 pm

Because X-change looks more awesome, and the kids these days like things that are more awesome. Plus, I'd like to see if I can actually change X into something else.

What I'd like to accomplish is some guest strips for my comic, Fever Dream. If you do a comic for me, I'll do one for you, and stick a link to your comic/page in my 'Valley of the Links' section. Easy peasy, no? I don't really have any guidelines, except to keep the comic at a decent size, both in image and file size, and with PG-13 humor. That's about it, really. If you're interested, you can email me(, and we'll hammer out the details. You can even stick in your own characters somewhere if you want.

I'm mostly doing this for fun, and to network with other comics, which is never a bad thing, of course.

If FD isn't your deal, you can check out Lancaster the Ghost Detective. It's about to go on hiatus until January when the current story wraps up, and I don't have a lot of plans for it, so if you'd like to make a page or two for it instead(or even in additon to), let me know.

Hope to hear from you guys soon!
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Postby MaxRadical on Sun Nov 28, 2004 4:38 am

Having viewed your comic, and found it to be most amusing, I am "down" with the radical comic X-change. Er, yo. Expect a strip soon!
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Postby TheBladeRoden2 on Sun Nov 28, 2004 4:46 am

eckschange is another good one.
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Postby AndrewTaylor on Mon Nov 29, 2004 6:50 am

I like this comic. I would be happy to do a guest thing -- but I don't do X. I'd do a W-change (which is the same thing but beats it in the all-important alphabetical listings).
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Postby Kris X on Mon Nov 29, 2004 7:39 pm

I'll see what I can do.
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