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PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2001 1:28 am
by Shiro
You know, I am getting a domain for Ancient Messages and moving sometime this week, so I don't know if I should even bother. Ahhh, I'll do it anyway.
....There's 785 sites in the queue.<P>I've been keeping it quiet because I'm still milking Keenspace's services, especially with bothering people to do guest strips.<P>And do you know that on an 800x600 window, "Just Kidding" is JUST out of sight? <P>------------------
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2001 11:14 am
by Shiro
Sorry about the spam, but it seems the General Discussion forum is out of wack.<P>Ancient Messages's first story arc is ending on August 31. After that, I'm going to run some guest strips. Anyone interested?

PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2001 11:34 am
by Dedos
And so's the updater... I haven't seen a new AM in two days!! eek! ^__^<P>Well, at least it's the baddie that is suffering for days. Hehe.<P>Oh and Katherine, your Celtic image is messed up again..

PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2001 7:38 am
by Lordgeejay
I'm seriously thinking of getting my own domain too. That way, if keenspace is down, I can easily redirect the domain to my mirror site. Better yet, make the keenspace site the mirror. The only thing that stops me from leaving KS is in the hope of being voted into Keenspot someday. Sigh.<P><P>------------------
Geejay Fua
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2001 12:14 am
by Dedos
Good job on the site, Katherine -- it's looking great!<P>And GJ: don't let your dreams of Spotting stop you. Many of the current Spots weren't Keenspace to begin with. If you think you can get more readers by being non-space, then go for it. One day I'll probably join that bandwagon, too.<P>------------------
.c. ^o_O^
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