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Postby FlashQZ on Mon Jun 25, 2001 5:02 am

Hey, way to go... nice down-puttishness of a no-doubt annoying e-mailer. Although I'm not sure down-puttishness is even a word, and I'm doubting even more whether it's possible to make a word out of it the verb "to put down". <P>On second thoughts, "putting-down" probably works best.<P>Wow. What am I going on about, here? I'm making no sense. Sorry. Going completely off-topic. I suppose what I wanted to say, really, was "well done". I can only guess at what it was that e-mailer sent, but if it's anything like what I see a lot, you got a load of hypocritical, bigoted nonsensical... stuff. Frankly... you handled it with skill. Rock on!
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