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Postby Ian_the_Robot on Thu Jan 24, 2002 5:41 am

Did the artist of this comic die a quick and silent death or something ?
Anybody here ? <P>
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Postby Carl Sjostrand on Thu Jan 24, 2002 6:36 am

The comic artist is alive, he recently made a post in the Funny Farm forums I believe. As for this site, I think some can be blamed on the recent Keenspace problems. Now that they appear to be over, maybe comics will return here yet again.<P>------------------
The comic is restarting - <A HREF="http://crazyc.keenspace.com" TARGET=_blank>http://crazyc.keenspace.com</A>
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Postby Sputnik on Thu Jan 24, 2002 7:13 am

nope, otaku isnt dead, i talked to him earlier today. hes just freakin lazy. i keep askin him "when are you going to make the skidrow website?" he just hurls empty whisky bottles at me. but not to worry, it'll be up in some form or another soon...i hope... anyhow, otaku is working on some fusion d comics(why are the hands so darn big?). expect him back soon or dead or drunk.
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