Come back to the five and dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

Postby Somebody Strange on Wed Mar 06, 2002 7:11 am


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Postby JtP on Tue Aug 06, 2002 11:58 pm

A pity. It never even had a 2nd anniversary.
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Postby Simon Jester on Sat Oct 19, 2002 11:33 pm

Dan stumbles in, his stained and ragged clothes dripping with sweat. He staggers to the bar, shakes off the frogs clinging to his buttocks, and sits down.

Life sucks, you know that?

*sigh* At the moment, I have no concrete plans to bring back the strip - just good intentions. I keep doodling, redesigning the characters a bit, but no strips are forthcoming. I think I wrote myself into a bit of a corner - I might just start over, if and when.

Funny, though. I came across this post on the same night that a couple people accosted me in an IRC channel and asked me to resume the strip. And I found out at this year's Comic-Con that more people read this strip than I ever thought. So Kan Kong may well be making a comeback. No promises, but I'd like to get something up by year's end.

I'm very, very sorry to have treated you guys like this. I had some loyal readers, and then I disappeared without a word of explanation. That was wrong of me, and I apologize.
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Postby JtP on Sun Oct 27, 2002 4:25 pm

You had your reasons.
Have you been paying attention to Vicious Lies and Joe the Circle? If not, they're both on an indefinite hiatus. And I think glorp vanished. Well, the person who flooded the board using the unregistered name glorp.
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