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Postby Brian Young on Mon Jun 11, 2001 10:02 am

So I've come up with the idea of stealing the Wenprov idea for a Comicollage Thread.<P>Here's the deal, you post that you want to do the next one and then you have 24 to post your comic. (Yeah, images only unlike Wenprov.) If you haven't posted your comic in 24 hours I or someone who has moderator status will probably notice and delete your message. No one should post in this thread for discussion of any of the images. Any discussion posts in this thread will be deleted. No one may call next unless the last post in the thread is a comic. You cannot say "I'm going after so&so"<P>You do not have to use characters from Comicollage but you can and you may use characters from your own comics or new original characters. Either post a reply including your image (Please don't just link to it, put it here using html or ubb. That means you'll need a server that doesn't block outside links.)<P>Okay, now if you like the idea go ahead and start! I don't want to do the first one since I did the first of Comicollage ...<P>Anyone may join!!! You don't have to be a main Comicollage artist!<P>[EDIT]Aw, f*ck it. ^_^[/EDIT]<P>------------------
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