Well color me blue.

Well color me blue.

Postby Gav on Fri May 03, 2002 2:51 pm


Well, I for one am enjoying the current direction. I want to know how long it took to create Gav<sub>virtual</sub>, and if you started from a human template, who was it? I wasn't chiselled out of a Britney Spears, was I?


Also, I think the current poll on the website needs a new options so I can vote for me!

I don't usually plug Gavspotting cameos on my home page, just to keep people from cameoing for the plug, but anyone who goes through the trouble to render a 3Dme deserves some notice. So the final question is, when am I going to be added to The Simms?
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Postby Fugli Troll on Tue May 07, 2002 4:16 am

I'm busy doing the Snoopy happy dance... There... the forum is up again.

1) The 3d Gav? Took about 2 hours to put the usable model together. The base figure is affectionately known as 'P4 Dork.' That's the P4 base male figure. Gotee is a browned and lightened version of one worn by Dr. Strange (I had to strip his yellow gloves off of that texture too). Face morps are adjusted, and the whole body x dimension is set to 95% to slim it down. The hair is a brown male short afro rendered under a translucent blue female pulled back style. The shirt is a generic polo with a random texture. Pants are jeans set to charcoal and the shoes are of the athletic variety.

Brittany is based on the P4 woman, also called 'Posette.'

2) I'll have to look into changing the poll, althought I don't want to erase my old data. For now, you're an 'other.'

3) As for the Simms... um... expect that call just... anytime. Yea, anytime... that's the ticket.
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Postby Cope on Mon Nov 08, 2004 8:45 am

More than two years without a single post. I can fix that! 8)
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