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Postby Fugli Troll on Mon Sep 17, 2001 7:43 am

Geez... I've got a quite a bit of stuff preloaded for this comic so my stepped up schedule of 3 per month should continue for a while yet. After Sept 11th, I just don't seem to have the same old umph. I hope to regain some of it before I run out of material.<P>Warning: I'm gonna ramble....<P>I know it's a fantasy world that I'm working in here, but the real world intrudes. I'm horrified, and my mind wanders to thinking about trivial things just to protect me from insanity. How many missing,dead, or wounded people may have been web cartoonists? How many had web sites of any sort? Will their files just disappear from some servers when they are no longer updated for however long? Will we notice they're gone if their site never updates? Will some of their text or graphics echo on forever because they posted it somewhere and someone else saved a copy?<P>I keep thinking of how those we miss may be part of the collective psyche. How someone from one side of the world can communicate with someone on the other. How many lives do we all touch, without even knowing?<P>I have an assignment for all of y'all out there that read this. Start filling in online guest books today. Any site you visit, leave a mark, tell the webmaster just how much you appreciate their efforts to bring you information, humor, or a little glimpse of their personal lives. Let them know that their very existence is helpful, cheerful, thought provoking, or whatever, but let them know just how much you value them as part of the whole.<P>Just think, you may not have that chance the next time you look for them.
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