A Beginning... and an Ending...

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A Beginning... and an Ending...

Post by Tangent »

*smile* Jody looks quite beautiful. :) As does Glych Avatar. :)

You know, Jody, you claim you want to have the artwork for the revised NS look much better than the old artwork... if you just keep it looking like it does right there (though b&w would probably be a good idea, color comics cost a lot of money unless you are going through Image or some larger company like that), I think you'd probably catch many viewers.

There is a certain simplicity and yet elegance to this artstyle you started in NS, your "sloppy fast" style which has become something rather unique and special and beautiful. I'm not sure if NS will retain this artstyle when you restart the comic. That is up to you and your muses. But if you keep elements of it at least, like the large soulful eyes, and cute pert little noses, then it will still stand out, the graceful falcon among the larks.

Though I was the one who said to do it, I do feel somewhat sad that the Experiment is coming to an end. I was curious what was going to happen next in your little quest for inspiration. *smile* But I suppose instead of a wizard in a city, you just found a lone loony wolf witch who's willing to speak his mind. ;) And perhaps to find a new path, one that's your own.

Good luck, Glych. I shall watch with much interest and amusement and joy.

Rob, a lone loony wolf witch
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Post by FortyTwo »

Oh, wow, Glych, your work since December has been truly remarkable! I thought the strip on the eighteenth was so powerfully emotional, and the two latest strips have really knocked my socks of with the color. (No, literally--I think my socks are about ten feet thataway--oddly, though my shoes remain on my feet. Hmm... :wink: )

Anyway, I'm very happy to see that NS may be starting up again. Take care, and keep it coming!

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Post by Glych »

Oh...thank you...

Actually, as Kane refered to it, the "evolved" NS style is very similar to what it is now on the site...

Basically, the large open eyes, but less...squiggly...

Anyhoo, after messing with the code a bit, and getting a scanner, ink, paper, a backlog, my pages done for the keenspace book, applications for college done, and a few other odds and ends, I should be all set to bring NS back.

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