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Glych, I know you have dreams and plans for No Stereotypes. Maybe as a comic book or as a graphic novel or animated series. And I know you. You have the drive and initiative and ability to go ahead and do this. However... it will take time.


Maybe you should continue No Stereotypes as a web-comic?

Ask your characters what they want to do. I suspect they want their story told.

When you adapt NS to a new format, things will be changing. You've already said that the crossovers will likely vanish (though I truly wish you could keep the "Framed!!!" Crossover as it's such a beautiful ending to the Dimension Hopping storyline), so writing to the end is not necessarily a bad thing. As even the ending may change.

Tangents is coming back in comic strip form. I had these wild dreams of an illustrated story on the website. I know how to do it even. But... all at once, Tangents started telling me it didn't want to be an illustrated story. It wants to be a strip. And so I'm going to listen to it. And when I finish the storyline that I started up there... it'll go back to the Tangents storyline, though restarted as I've gone my separate way from the cowriter/jokewriter. (Ironically his idea for a comic strip seems dead in the water itself. Sad as he had some interesting ideas.)

*smile* And hey, I plan to start drawing and practicing while working on the "Queen of Hearts" story, so maybe I'll actually be able to get into a regular pattern of drawing. *sigh* I don't know how you manage it, Glych. You're truly amazing, you and the other strippers who do this daily. Well, have done daily at one time or another. :)

My meandering point (living up to my handle, ya know) is that you should listen to the characters and see what they want to do. I recently was going through your archives and during your Experiment... several times Atom came out and scolded you about not continuing NS.

Ask the characters if they want the web-comic continued.

And then set your sights low. Twice a week. We'll read. When you have some strips built up, you can go up to three a week or more.

*smile* And maybe someday you can continue your story about NonPersons. :) Though maybe keep it b&w, or only weekly if you do insist on coloring it. :roll: Damn girl, you can't do everything. :lol:

Take care, Glych. Let us know what Atom, Kat and Jody say. Don't ask Spons though, we know he'll just go "meow" and purr. ;)
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