would anyone like some critique ?

Postby CapsuleGirl on Wed Feb 21, 2001 8:17 am

hi cap here i've looked at your comic hee-hee it's funny, i get the jokes and everything. i really like the introduction comic (hee-hee his friends were all quite, and he's like say my name!!!) anyway i'm not sure if you want my suggetion about creating your story lines, mind you they are only suggetiions, you don't have to fallow them these are some things i use to create my stories.<P>1. create stories about stuff you know or are familiar with. it's hard to explain but i'll use myself as an example, okay for me i know about fantasy, and also there are things in my life i think people should uh maybe have a taste of. (does this make any sense?)<P>2. uh......well i was going to suggest some more but you don't really need any suggetion in the character department. um...nope your characters are cool, hee-hee Acelex is it? hahhahahah i was getting mad cause i wanted to say his name out loud and for some reason i couldn't. hahhaha.......uh nevermind<P>uhhhhh yeah that's it, hope you've liked what i said and i'd like to hear from you about what you have to say about my site. aw man i hope everything is showing, i decided to take out my first first comic, it was old and i'll have to redraw it. ( i mean this comic is mad old) <P>anway bye bye for now =^_^=
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Postby Acelex on Thu Feb 22, 2001 6:27 am

Hi CapGirl,<P>Thanks for your feedback!! It always makes my heart warm to know that someone finds my comics funny!! It gives me motivation to keep doing more comics!! Check back often!<P>As for writing about things you know about... I totally agree with you. Even though Acelex is not based on me, all of my friends think he is me. I'd just like to say that I am so different to him it's not funny!!<P>Anyway, check your messageboard for my comments on your comic...<P>MikeY<P>------------------
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