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Postby Chris Chobotor on Sun Sep 10, 2000 6:48 am

<B>September 7, 2000</B><P>All the people featured in this comic are based on people I know, except for Sara. She was conceived long ago. You'll see more characters in the near future (tomorrow, even) and more of the ones already introduced.<P><B>September 10, 2000</B><P>Today's <I>Big Weezin'</I> strip is the start of something great. One of the things I enjoy doing nowadays is writing spoof songs. <I>Big Weezin'</I> is one such song. It's not my best work yet, but it still is pretty good. Expect more of THEM in the future too.<P>------------------
~Chris Chobotor
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Postby Miscellany on Sat Oct 07, 2000 7:20 am

Hey, why dont you post your song about how XOOM was so stupid... you know, the one you wrote when they wiped the SmileyFTP clean? I loved that one, even though it wasnt a parody of anything.
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Postby Chris Chobotor on Sat Oct 07, 2000 8:19 am

By Chris Chobotor<P>Xoom is stupid
Xoom is crap
That's why I sat down
And typed up this rap<P>All the files are gone
They thought they were warez
As for the webmasters' heads
I don't think there's anything there<P>The downloads are slow
And time out often too!
They're always doing something
That will annoy you!<P>You check the site status
And what does it say?
"Some members may have problems"
But it says that every day!<P>Why are they still there?
Cause they give you free space?
But if they always delete everything
Then it's a big waste<P>Their servers are crap
They're always dead
I wanna find their operator
And bash in his head!<P>Why is everything down?
Are they upgrading?
No, the server operator
Is sitting 'round mastur--uh, nevermind... :-D<P>So what are we to do?
There's but one resort
Take the site off Xoom
And move to Spaceports!<p>[This message has been edited by Chris Chobotor (edited 10-07-2000).]
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