Coming tomorrow...

Postby Chris Chobotor on Wed Sep 06, 2000 3:52 am

...something amazingly cool to this very page! Yes, that's right! It's coming TO - MOR - ROW! C'mon, it's only a few hours... Oh yeah, I'll probably have to take a few days off after that to play catch-up, which means delayed strips. That's what a bad HD does to you.<P>------------------
~Chris Chobotor
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Postby Azrael on Wed Sep 06, 2000 9:17 am

heh, that's cool
brain...colour...overload...multiple....comics.....aaargh....must-pull-out-eyeballs =)<P>hmm, any way of convincing you to do this EVERY day? no? I didn't think so *grin*<P>it's like catching up on archives, without missing any comics =)<P>Azrael
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