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Postby Chris Chobotor on Sat Sep 02, 2000 7:00 am

<B>September 2, 2000</B> -<P>I have actually seen people do this before. Not in actual verbal speech, but in updates on their site. Sad? Well, yeah, a little.<P>I'm also curious about <I>how</I> someone would say this is real life. Would they say "slash-me eats some lunch" or say "me eats some lunch"? It's mind boggling! Well, maybe not.<P>------------------
~Chris Chobotor
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Postby Azrael on Mon Sep 04, 2000 10:12 am

you say "slash-me is bored"
which I once actually said out loud without thinking<P>damn, I really need to get away from the computer more<P>Azrael
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