Shall we play a game?

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Once again, I suffer a crushing defeat... And she didn't even take the pop tart. *munch* I even offered my favorite type.
"When you want something done, you ask a man. When you want it done quietly and without any fuss, you ask a woman."
-Mercedes Lackey

I am the Werekitty. Here me mew.

Hope springs eternal.
It just doesn't land where you want.

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Post by Wanderwolf »

I will sing prettily for you!

Yours truly,

The ever-hopeful,


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Wanderwolf wrote:I will sing prettily for you!

Yours truly,

The ever-hopeful,

Perhaps if you sung tunes prettily...

As it is, though, I'm afraid you've sung your swan song...Le Cygne to be exact.

*Wanderwolf gracefully dies*

EDIT: Since Ralph has moved to his own website, and I personally will thus no longer be frequenting this forum, I'll go ahead and reveal the rule.

You post must include one, and only one, word that begins with "T".

That, of course, is not including signatures and normal openings/closings, as stated in the original rules.

I actually thought Werekitty was going to get it when she almost duplicated the previous post and just changed a word. She didn't though, so...yeah. I also discovered the rule was a LOT harder than I intended it to be. Thanks for playing everyone! If someone wants to continue, they can go ahead, but like I said, I'm bowing out. Peace, yo. 8-)

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