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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2006 3:30 am
by BlasTech
Not to mention the SHEER POWAH OF THE FORCE!!!

MU- *cough* ... gee i think that game gives me megalomania ^^;

PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2006 5:04 am
by Capnregex
Speaking of meglomania...

I would like some help seeing how I could fit the following character into a D20 type system. Sorry for the long posting.

William Barbary

I've been working on the character William Barbary for several years.
It begins with a dream I had around 9 years ago. In that dream I was walking down in one of the towns near where I grew up, the one I went to high school in. Or at least a reasonable simulation thereof.

As I was walking down the sidewalk, I was greeting and being greeted by most everybody. The people were friendly, and I considered them friends. Thinking back on it, that in itself was odd, though while I was in the dream It felt perfectly normal and right. It was as if it was suppose to be that way, and was a typical experience.

What made it odd, was the fact that I was around 9 feet in height, and walking upright as a lion. My mane was at least a foot in length. I was also walking bare pawed, though with the pads on my feet, it didn't bother me any.

There was a baseball game in progress at the local diamond, so I walked over to watch. Not being able to get a good seat, I looked around, and saw the top of the batting cage where the chain link extends over the batter. This was about three stories up, or around 36 feet. I thought that looked like a good place for a view, so not thinking it odd, I jumped to the top and sprawled out on top, so I could watch the game. Again, everybody acted as if they were so accustomed to seeing me like this that it was no big deal.

Then, two lionesses climbed up with me, one raven haired, and one flaxen haired. I had feelings for both, but knew I had to choose between them sooner or later. ( yes, they were hot! )

A short time later, a group of loud, obnoxious, fans decided that the idea of watching the game from the top of the batting cage was cool, so they climbed up the chain link and joined us.

They were of course, annoying.. I expressed my annoyance by extending and retracting my claws against the galvanized chain link. The resulting vibrations transferred up the tendons and into the muscles in my forearms. It felt a lot like scraping your fingernails against a chalkboard but more so.

After a fiew moments of this, I'd had enough, and jumped back down to the ground to walk home. The two lionesses followed me a little while, and I ended up choosing the flaxen haired one ( who I'm sure represented the woman who is now my wife ). After spending some time with her, ( get your minds out of the gutter, we weren't married yet after all. ) I returned home.

On my way home, I shifted from the Lion-Man form, back to normal human, but for some reason my mane did not shift completely back, leaving me with a mop of hair, granted, it was shorter than the mane but was still a lot longer than I was wearing my hair at the time. After getting home, I took a nap.

The next morning when I woke up, I had to check my head to see if my hair was still long. It wasn't, which was a good thing, as that would have been ... awkward...

Needless to say, the dream was vivid. The entire time I was a lion, I was experiencing the enhanced sensory input that a lion would have, sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing, everything was more vivid than real life.

Ever since then, I have had a strong image of myself as a lion. I mean, when your a 9 feet tall lion, and built like a linebacker, you ain't afraid of nothing. To this day I can still feel the galvanized chain link fence against my claws.

Later on, while I was doing some research on lions, I read about the Barbary Lion. A now extinct breed of lions known for their heavy mane, and thick fur. This gave me the idea, for William Barbary a Were-Lion, who had descended from a long line of Barbary lions. who had gone into hiding among the humans to avoid extinction. The idea being that William is now the leader of a pride of were-lions who run a ranch in Texas.

William, is pretty easy going, and generally mild in temperament. However he a Crusader at heart. He following a knight like code of honor, and is generally a good boy scout. He also has a solid understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and strives to study and emulate his savior on a daily basis. This would put him equally at home helping a neighbor to bring in the harvest as he would be stopping a mugging.

Considering his strong belief in law, I would typically consider him to be Lawful Good. However, he believes in following God's law first, and Man's law when it does not conflict with God's law. This can at times put him in conflict with the laws of man. This can make him fit closer to Neutral Good, or even Chaotic Good. Especially when he is dealing with areas where he believes strongly that the law of man is flat out wrong. ( Mandatory Public School Attendance for example ).

As an adversary, he is fierce and persistent. Especially in defense of his family, others, or himself. He is a Lion after all.

For the purpose of playing an RPG, I think I would like to play William Barbary as a Paladin type character. Defender of the Light and all that, with the full ability to call the powers of heaven to his aid should it be necessary, be that fire from heaven, or healing the sick, as well as the ability to engage in combat and come out on top.

It wouldn't really matter if the character were really a were-lion, or simply able to call upon lion like attributes and abilities through an exercise of his faith. I am also equally comfortable playing William in the process of becoming, rather than fully grown and developed, especially as I realize that as he is in my head, he would be powerful enough to be unbalancing for a game environment.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2006 7:43 am
by Selden
First off, meet Toby. If you haven't seen Chivalry and Knavery before, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

The standard D&D anthro lion has an ECL of 3; 2d8 hit dice and a single level adjustment. That's pretty darn good for something with +2 strength, +6 dex, +4 wisdom and +3 natural armor. He'd have a +2 attack bonus, +0 Fort, +2 Ref and +2 Will (not adjusting for stat scores), and if I read it correctly he'd have to spend his (2+int)x5 skill points on Balance, Hide, Listen, Move Silently and Spot. None of those are exactly bad, and a few points to counteract AC penalties could actually be very useful. All of those skills are available in d20 Modern, so porting this from D&D wouldn't be very difficult, and the character has a low enough class level that you might be able to get him into a starting campaign with a little creativity. ("Gentlemen, your first goal is to rescue one William Barbary, pictured here, who has been captured by a group of species purity nutcases. Time is of the essence.") I imagine the ranch he runs and pride of lions he's the head of would have to be considered a goal for during the campaign, though.

Adding the +3 level adjustment for being a natural lycanthrope blows any chance of him being at full power and getting to start in a first-level campaign. If you want to keep that part, I recommend this article. Given that the lion has one less hit die, two less strength and consitution (in exchange for two more dexterity and one more natural AC) and doesn't have the Improved Natural Weapon feats, you may want to talk to CasVeg about working with the six Tiger levels to reduce them to five. You'll need to talk with him about this in any case.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2006 1:37 pm
by CasVeg
Alright, I think everyone is leaning toward a D&D campaign.

Anyone who doesn't have the books should take a good look at the 3.5 SRD.

You should especially take a good look at "The Basics," "Races" and "Description." After that, check out "Classes I," "Classes II" and, if you really like, "Psionic Classes."* We'll discus "skills" and "feats" after you've drawn up a basic character.

Anyway, I'm dusting off my largely undeveloped "Knights of Bluecastle" setting and fleshing it out for this campaign. Here's the basic background:

KoB is set in the Menthoria Valley region:

The People
The major race isn't human. It's not what you're thinking of, either. Menthoria has, over time, become dominated by half-elves. The original elven population has largely hybridized with the human population. Other half-elves immigrated to the region. While there are still plenty of straight humans left, pure-blooded elves are a rarity among the native populace. The few that remain are generally quite old and often the heads of powerful houses (read "epic level").

You cannot play a Menthorian elf. You may play a foreign elf. You should also think carefully about playing a native gnome or half-orc. Once again, you may readily play a foreigner. In fact, you can play any of the monsters in the Monster Manual with an ECL of 1, as long as it's a foreigner. (You'll need to come up with a reason why your character is in Menthoria.)

The Economy
The society is agrarian and heavily focused on growing spices. The government even accepts raw spices and herbs as payment for taxes; many farmers maintain small spice and herb gardens for this express reason. Natives who travel outside of the region are given a quantity of spice to sell. Menthoria's other major exports include copper, malachite(a semi-precious stone), azurite(another, related semi-precious stone), and items made from these. Menthoria also boasts a prestigious wizards' acadamy that attracts many foreign students. The major import for Menthoria is iron.

The Land
Menthoria Valley is nestled between five mountains (three of whose names I remembered), the southernmost of the Blue Stone mountain range.

Sacred Mount Tahir, to the east, is the traditional stomping ground of the region's major deity, Tahir(NG; domains: Good, Healing, Knowledge, Magic, Plant). (She also has a river named after her.) Tahir is almost completely terraformed, both a temple to it's namesake and the centerpiece of Menthorian culture.

The mountain south of Tahir slopes much more gently than the others. Aside from the interior of the valley itself, this mountain provides basic sustainance (food, clothing, etc.) for the populace of Menthoria. It also boasts a small but capable military outpost.

Korbrim, the southwestern mount, is the source of most of the region's copper, malachite and azurite. Menthoria's military is based on Korbrim. It's also associated with one of the region's deities (LN; domains: Earth, Fire, Law, War).

The heavily forrested northwestern mount is the location of the region's traditional quarries and a major source of timber. The western mounts are home to most of the region's dwarves.

The Ar Peaks, the Northern Gate, the Guardian of the Font, is a mountain with two peaks. Ar is the source of the region's most prominent river, but has little other strictly economic value. It has a rather strategic position, though. Ar's treacherous slopes, and its reclusive population, is Menthoria's first line of defense against invasion from the north.

In the valley basin, several rivers (the Lan-Dre**, from Ar and the northwestern mount; the Tahir-Dre**, from Tahir; and, the Bafen-Dre**, from Korbrim and the northwestern mount) empty into Lake Selougon. Water from the lake empties out into a river that exits Menthoria Valley between Tahir and the southern mount.

There is a desert to the west of Menthoria, and a plain to the east and south. The Blue Stone Mountains continue to the north.

The Cities
The region has several important cities:

Bluecastle is the capitol of the region, located on the Lan-Dre, north of Lake Selougon. It gets its name from the castle at the center. The castle was built from blue stone quarried in the northwestern mount. Important rooms are tiled in malachite. The royal family resides here, of course. Its most important function, however, is as a storage facility for the region's spices. Bluecastle is heavily warded. The entire castle is effectively a dead magic zone. About the only people who can cast spells in it are the Bluecastle Guard, who are usually quite capable of dealing with thaumaturgical threats, anyway. (They have a rather undeserved reputation for being mage-killers.)

Korbrim, located on the mountain of the same name, is Menthoria's de facto military base. It is also home to the legendary Korbrim forges, where the mystical weapons of the Bluecastle Guard are made.

Lan-Ar is located on Ar, just above the spring that feeds the Lan-Dre. Its secluded citizens train in the martial arts in preparation for any hostile threat that survives Ar itself. (Incidentally, if you're going to play a native monk, this is probably the best place to pull the character from.) In return for its services, Lan-Ar is excluded from taxation. Lan-Ar is mostly populated by humans.

A small but proud community on the southern mount acts as gatekeeper for the region.

Maumintar. . .has a history. The traditional training grounds for the Bluecastle Guard are located here, near the Academy.

Some time ago, the Menthoria Wizard's Academy was founded on the shores of Lake Selougon. The Academy tolerated the presence of passing merchants, usually headed for Korbrim or Bluecastle, as the merchants often peddled wares valuable to the wizards themselves. In time, though, the merchants began using the area as a convenient port. Maumintar quickly grew to be the region's largest city, and the center of trade. In their own best interest, the Academy conspired to prevent the emergence of a powerful merchants' guild. Through law and subterfuge, the wizards subtly manipulated the merchants and divided them into many separate factions. A new class was eventually born from this methodical chaos. This new force, a group of powerful merchant wizards, emerged as negotiators between the Academy and the merchant guilds. They have connections in the Acadamy, the merchant guilds, and the Menthorian noble houses. They oversee the policies that shape the city. They have influence that extends to all reaches of Menthorian life. They are the ultimate power in Menthoria, not the royalty, not the nobility, not even the wizards or merchants they claim to represent. The Trademasters shape the future of Menthoria with every breath they take.

*3.5 psionics is not broken.
**-Dre is a formal suffix denoting the name of a river. You could call it "the Tahir River," instead. Calling it "the Tahir-Dre River" would be redundant. (Actually, even using "the" is getting pretty close to redundant.) This is local and not used outside of Menthoria. The mountains do not similarly have formal suffixes.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2006 2:33 pm
by Mjolnir
Might I suggest the following for character sheet:

- Mjolnir

PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2006 3:37 pm
by Selden
I should probably wait until we know what other characters are being offered up (yeah, I'm a real niche player), but I can think of three character concepts right off the bat.

The LN half-elven cleric of whatever deity's in the Korbrim area (Earth and War domains) who feels the protection of all Menthoria is nothing less than his solemn duty.

The NG human cleric who hails from Mt. Tahir (Knowledge and Magic domains), who wishes to find out whatever possible about his homeland no matter the risk. He's not exactly a great front-liner, though.

The somewhat mournful-looking CG elven bard from... somewhere else. He arrived in Menthoria to investigate the area and check the feasibility of elven immigration. Maybe some of the elders who live in the valley requested it, maybe not. Whatever the reason, this balladeer was sent because his purely vocal musical skills leave him plenty of time to plunk the string of his longbow instead.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2006 9:24 pm
by CasVeg
Selden wrote:He arrived in Menthoria to investigate the area and check the feasibility of elven immigration.

I'd say it's extremely feasible. Elves trickle into Menthoria on a regular basis. They just get absorbed into the half-elven population, eventually. There are very few second-generation elves, and pretty much no third generation ones.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2006 7:00 am
by Madmoonie
I want to make a character, but I need to do research, read all those things posted. Never did a D&D before, see. Have just a bit, please?

PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2006 9:08 am
by Selden
I was thinking of a large-scale immigration, quite likely with the intent of preserving the 'true elven' culture and point of view. Nothing overtly chauvinistic, but it always seemed to me that elves (who hit venerable age at 350) would consider even half-elves (125) far too short-sighted, and they generally haven't been able to agree with the dwarven (200) viewpoint, either. The Tahir mountain being almost completely terraformed is a point in that argument; elves are the most likely to resent attempts to contain nature. The establishment of a Lothlorien or at least a Silverymoon (Forgotten Realms metropolis that's actually over 40% human, but it's dominated by trees and a love of learning/preserving knowledge) in Menthoria Valley would be very comforting to the people who dislike all this cultivation and building, because it would mean they had a local presence to protest the actions of their shorter-lived kin if and when they went too far.
Of course, it's all conjecture, and I can easily drop that character completely. I was just looking for good concepts for classes that don't seem too popular; Madmoonie has said he wants to do a rogue, but the way he put it made me suspect he wasn't too interested in one as a big social character. As for the clerics... despite complaints that clerics are overpowered, I've rarely seen a game where somebody volunteered to be the one who's going to be expected to heal his companions. If this group looks like it could use a fighter type or a wizard instead, I'll probably wind up making one of those.

PS: PM me if you just want to discuss some of the basics with somebody, Madmoonie. Or anybody else, for that matter. I've made something like ten times the characters I've ever used, so I've got that part pretty much down pat.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2006 5:22 pm
by Shyal_malkes
should we make a mun thread?

PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2006 6:30 pm
by Capnregex
I think this is the mun thread

PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2006 7:46 pm
by Kerry Skydancer
Mundane / Chargen thread, yes. I'd be interested, if I can access the program you'll be using and it doesn't conflict with my previous engagements. Maybe time/access issues should be settled first?

PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2006 8:31 pm
by CasVeg
You should have a pretty good idea what type of character you want to play.

The gist of D&D character creation is as follows:

You may chose your character from several races. These are the standard ones:

Human: Duh.

Elf: You're an elf! Fun times!

Dwarf: Whistle while you work.

Gnome: You're small, you're cute, and you know a little magic.

Halfling: Two-foot terrors with an attraction to shiiiiniiiies. . .

And then there are the half-breeds. (The other half is human, by the way.)

Half-Elf: Women really go for the pointy ears.

Half-Orc: Orcs are large, ugly, and brutish. It's better not to think about it.

The DM may allow other races.

Your character may advance in several classes:

Barbarian: Work yourself into a blood frenzy and smash things!

Bard: You're a nerdy medieval rockstar, basically. Mess with people's heads and alter reality through the power of music!

Cleric: The gods have given you the power to SMITE things.

Druid: You can summon your animal friends to help you! Or, oddly enough, you can change into an animal yourself.

Fighter: You can hurt things. . .with weapons!

Monk: You're a cloistered master of the martial arts.

Paladin: You're a holy warrior.

Ranger: You're a wilderness expert. . .with attitude.

Rogue: You're a generically sneaky sort of guy.

Sorcerer: You can cast spells.

Wizard: You can cast spells. . .from a spellbook!

You can have more than one class.

We'll talk about abilities, skills and feats next.

What I really want you to do right now is just get a general feel for your character. Try to come up with a backstory for the guy. What motivates the character? What does he like/dislike?

shyal_malkes wrote:should we make a mun thread?
capnregex wrote:I think this is the mun thread
This is the mun thread.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2006 8:39 pm
by CasVeg
Kerry Skydancer wrote:Mundane / Chargen thread, yes. I'd be interested, if I can access the program you'll be using and it doesn't conflict with my previous engagements. Maybe time/access issues should be settled first?
I know; I asked everyone to post their times available in GMT/UST time and. . .one person did.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2006 8:53 pm
by Selden
Speaking of which, I need to make an amendment to it. I'm obligated to be at a weekly meeting at 11 PM GMT Thursdays, but it rarely lasts more than half an hour. Blasted secretary position.

Addendum to the cleric description: much as the crushinator and divine artillery style clerics hate it, you're also the party's can o' bandaids. Some campaigns are cutthroat enough that this isn't a simple nicety; it's a necessity.

I can write up a character background whenever you want it, CasVeg. But unless you want me to get the ball rolling ASAP, I'd still like to wait and see what niches are actually going to need filled.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2006 10:18 pm
by Madmoonie
See...that is why I think it would be easier to do the non-D&D easier to move the story along...but then I don't know enough to form a informed opinion.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2006 10:34 pm
by CasVeg
Well, we could always do a freeform RP where you're Rac mercenaries tracking down a group of low-lifes harboring a fugitive. ;) Like I said, I'm a flexible guy. I have multiple back-ups.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2006 12:01 am
by Capnregex
Schedule: Sporadic,
Not avalible M-F 12-3 MST, I teach / tutor part time during those hours.

I'd like to go with Human/Paladin.
The natural Were-Lion option would be nice to keep open, but I think the KISS rule applies here.

Why paladin? I think it suits me ;)
For my character though,
1) Raised where it would be a plausable choice.
2) Natural choice due to temperment.. Alwase wanting to help others / right wrongs / defend innocent / ect..
3) Idolised heroes from reading ( Christ, Moses, Abraham, ect.. )

William ( Cap'n Regex ) Barbary was a tall youth, even lanky. He also matured early. His piers alwase thought him odd however, with his nose alwase in a book. He never pranks, well except for that one time with the spiders and his older sisters. And he's alwase standing up for whoever the other kids are picking on. And he's even good at math.. Ugh..

Ok, I'm hitting a blank wall here..
Inorder for Will to have the personality that I want him to have, he is going to have to go through some hard times, and hit rock bottom ( atleast for him ) and then obtain a personal relationship with the savior and the effects of the atonement in his life.

Bottom line is, he knows he's not perfect, but he tries to be better than he is every day. His personal experiance with the atonement has left him with an underlying love for all mankind ( even if they have pointy ears, or fury bodies ) and compassion for them and their circumstances. I mean, he has to rely on christ every day to cover for his imperfections, it would be silly to expect anyone else to be perfect.

This does not mean that he'll let some evil-doer abuse an innocent, though he will be saying a prayer for their soul while he hacks them in half.

As a second choice, I could also play a Cleric, so long as he has a sword :)

PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2006 3:09 am
by Fusion
Heh! I'd like a dual dirk weilding Elf!

PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2006 4:38 am
by Mjolnir
CasVeg wrote:I know; I asked everyone to post their times available in GMT/UST time and. . .one person did.

Just to reiterate, chatting is probably a no-go at work. But here are the times I'm usually on-line (or can be)

At Work: 12 PM to 8:30 PM GST (7 AM to 3:30 PM local)
At Home: 10 PM to 2 AM GST (5 PM to 9 PM local)
Weekends: Unknown

As far as a class, I'm thinking of something along the lines of a combat/spellcaster combo. I'm not sure what class each one will be yet, but I normally do a random background generation and then move into the classes from that. (Yes, I'm strange.)

- Mjolnir