Terran Wars, Revelations and Attacks

Terran Wars, Revelations and Attacks

Postby Chaser617 on Tue Jan 09, 2007 11:17 am

This scene has actually been written for a while, though, I think its the weekest of the chapters so far I thought you guys deserved a little action...

“…this is Crown Princess Yukiinu Mika, of the Kingdom of Edo, the ship identifying itself as EWS Musashi is not Edoan, I repeat the ship Musashi is not Edoan! Avoid Musashi!” a irritating soprano voice called out on the bridge of the Parlance just as tactical reported that they where firing on target. The effect was noticeable.

Every merchant vessel in system twisted wildly on its gimbals to get away from Parlence, their own prey skewed wildly, ruining the carefully plotted shot and as the forward guns fired the Heglanda had been able to skew enough to throw off the gunners and the shot, instead of simply hitting the crew and engineering spaces as planned, making a satisfying instant kill, the shot ‘merely’ impaled her through her massive cargo hold, much of her carried goods being disintegrated by the passing energies. None of its crew died and the ship did not explode like he Mansrat had hoped.

“Who did that?!?!” Mansrat yelled in rage throwing his tea cup at the TACCO, who bearly dodged in time to have the missile shatter on his plots. “WHO DID THAT?!?!?!

“Sir! The announcement came from the Mutsu, she’s accelerating. Hot guns! I repeat I’m getting hot guns from the Mutsu!”

Mansrat snarled and turned. “Dead! I want that ship dead! Turn us about and plot firing solutions on that ship! Deactivate that damned fake transponder and activate our real one!”

“Aye sir coming about,” his rodent helmsman announced quickly lest he be the target of his captain’s fury.

“Sir if we do that we let everyone know who and what we really are.”

Mansrat snarled. “Do you wish to be shot?”

The lemur hesitated for the barest of moments. Normally such things would never happen in the League Navy, a officer was entitled to question an order, however Mansrat and many like him had taken to… glossing over the Law of Space as it was called and with this being a shooting war, even if the lemur knew what his captain was doing would completely ruin the whole purpose of this mission…

“Aye sir, deactivating Musashi and raising our real transponder,” he snapped his paw at his commo-tech. Unlike both the Union and Edo, the tactical department handled both gunnery and communications. “Plotting solution on aft turrets…”


Mika breathed something in Japanese that Michael did not quite make out as ‘Musashi’ fired its forward guns on the Heglanda. “Direct hit on Heglanda,” Kevin called out. “Forward hold, structural damage looks like but crew and engineering spaces un-touched.

Michael nodded, that Imperial freighter only carried a crew of fifty, even though she outmassed Mutsu by at least a factor of ten. However those fifty had no way to defend themselves, even the corvettes in system would not be an effective defense…

“Isumi, get Mika to CIC,” he said, being down there with Daniel would give her more protection, and that lifepod built right into it wouldn’t hurt either as he tried to get her to the absolute safest place he could think of, on a warship about ready to enter combat. He then turned to Lieutenant Misau, only barely hearing Mika trying to protest as Isumi gladly pulled her charge to the lift. “I want full acceleration on our drives,” he next looked at Sally. “Get space filled with junk, I don’t want it easy for whoever that is to get a good look at us.”

“Aye sir full acceleration on the drives,” Misau announced in an icy calm voice, no one would have suspected that this was his first ever true combat action as he turned to his ratings.

“Sheilding is coming on-line,” Daniel Karlin’s voice announced from down in CIC. It was a common practice, to devide the command team up on vessels that had the facilities so no one strike could decapitate the ship’s leadership. They had also decided that CIC would handle the defensive shielding and damage control coordination letting the bridge crew concentrate on fighting the ship. “I als have read on the bridge lift, its nearly here with the Princess Skipper.”

Michael nodded watching the holo-tank as an engagement plot now appeared on it, his eyes tracing over. He saw the ship starting to turn just a moment before Kevin announced it, then its lightcode changed from the pale orange of ‘unknown possibly hostile’ to the deep angry red of ‘identified hostile’ as Sally spoke up in urgency. “Sir! Transponder for Musashi just changed! Musashi now identifies itself as LWS Parlence!” There was something in her voice Michael thought and then a moment later he knew what it was. “Sir that’s the Redoubtable that jumped the Boone!”

Michael spun to face her for the briefest of seconds, then looked back at the visual display of the ‘Musashi’-turn-Parlence. There where only four gun turrets… that wasn’t right a Redoubtable had six twin heavy mounts. That was why the forward sections had looks so wrong earlier, if they had some how plated over the forward dorsal an ventral… “Misau! Roll ship! Roll us to port at two-nine-eight degrees relative to current attitude, coarse change bring us around again to port forty more degrees and down angle ten degrees relative!”

Lieutenant Misau blinked not understanding but relayed the orders to his crews immediately. Off in a corner of the holo-tank Daniel’s image appeared from down in CIC. “Skipper, are you doing what I think?”

“I’m playing a hunch I hope is right, do you see it?”

“Yeah looks like her forward guns are plated over, I couldn’t figure out why till I realized she was trying to pass herself off as an Ikazuchi, they only have four turrets like we do.”

Michael nodded and as if reading his captain and best friend’s mind, he started hearing Kevin snap off orders to bring all turrets, not just the Able and Charlie into action. Kevin had seen what he saw too, something that any naval officer dreamed for. With their new approach, Parlence could only use two of her gun turrets, her two available dorsal mounts. Mutsu could bring a full broadside of energy batteries to bear on the belly protection of the Parlence. That still left the Leaguer’s missiles to worry about however, a Redoubtable carried missile batteries, big ones almost as big as the old Fearless-class battlecruisers and much more than what the Mutsu herself carried, but most ship commanders, even those in the Union would never have wasted precious missiles on a ‘mere’ destroyer, that was seen as overkill and each missile fired at a destroyer meant one not fired at a cruiser or battlecruiser since missile loads where so limited compared to the near limitless ability to fire the main guns. He was playing the dice he knew, but since Mutsu was so new the Leaguer probably didn’t know just what the ship he was dealing with really was. If he held fire on his own missiles till point blank range…

“Sir! We’re getting a ton of angry traffic!” sally announced bringing him back to other concerns. “Imperial and Principality units are demanding to know why we’re shooting at each other!”

“The Princess has arrived in CIC,” Daniel announced and that got more relaxation out of Michael than he realized, she was as safe as she could be now.

“Merchant vessels are scattering sir,” Kevin announced. “Five of the Union merchant marine just went to hyperlight, I couldn’t get a vector on them.”

“Don’t worry about the shipping unless it crosses our fire lines,” Michael ordered and Kevin nodded.

“Sir Parlence is firing!”

“All hands brace for incoming fire!” Daniel called out and Michael tensed and felt the entire ship shake like it had been caught a blow from a giant fist, he nearly went to the deck but held the grab-rail at the edge o holo-tank that was there for this purpose tightly. His eyes went to the display in holo-tank for Mutsu’s DC teams and saw the aura around the ship that represented the shielding that would protect it from energy fire, but not total conversion missiles burn an amber color of depleted, but not failing. “Shields holding, no damage!” Daniel reported form CIC and Michael smiled a vengeful smile upon hearing that. Mutsu’s cruiser grade shielding and armor just threw the first curveball into the Leaguer’s plan he thought, and now there would be the second.

“I’m not going to be so easy a kill this time around you bastard,” he whispered to himself, think of the forty-four furs that had been his crew that this ship’s captain had slaughtered. Then he turned to Kevin and called out in the iciest voice his friend had ever heard from the akita-inu. “All guns, open fire!”


DeLorean blinked in shear confusion as the volley from his ship landed on the approaching Edo vessel, and did nothing to it. Nothing! That volley should have seriously damaged a destroyer! Destroyers gave up shielding and armor, they where screening elements, they where convoy escorts they were not suppose to be able to survive an engagement with a mighty heavy cruiser and stand, even one that did not have its full firepower at its advantage. At the very least its shields should have burst like a over ripe mellon! He wanted to see that ship burning in space and it had not happened! His decree had not been made truth and for the first time in his life DeLorean could not fathom why.

“Incoming fire!” his TACCO called out and Parlence felt like she was going to tear herself apart with the savagery of the blow alarms started going off around them.

“Shield failure at Frames Fifteen, twenty-eight and sixty-two!” the bridge DC officer called out and DeLorean snapped his head over from where he had been watching the tactical plot dumbfounded, to the damage control board. Unlike Edoan vessels with their holo-tanks, League and most Union vessels still relied on repeaters of the standard plot sections for information to be presented to their captain. And that board was lighting up all over the place. “Minor hull damage, Frame Fifteen two compartments exposed to space!”

That was impossible! DeLorean’s mind raged at everything. Not only had that puny ship, barely three quarters the size of his Parlence not died in the opening volley, but it had hurt Parlence with its own, it had hurt a heavy cruiser!!!!

“Roll ship!” he screamed. “Fire everything into that!!! I WANT IT DEAD NOW!!!!!!!!

The TACCO realized his captain was loosing control, but he too was just as confused as the wolf. It really shouldn’t be happening, if that was a destroyer, and it had to be, nothing else made sense for that hull size he knew, it should have been near crippled, instead of in full fighting trim as it was now. Even though he was loosing it at least the captain was still giving sound orders, but still this made no sense as he heard the helm officer acknowledge the roll order. “Sir let me bring the missile batteries to bare,” unlike Union ships the main missile launch location for Parlence was in her prow. The enemy was putting out more noise than he had thought at first but then realized that Edoans packed more ECM gear on their ships than most everyone else did, and that would be easy for the missileers to burn through once they had a good look at the thing.

DeLorean shook his head. “no, that ship isn’t worth it, we’ll kill it with a full broadside, this will destroy it. Fire on command!”


Michael held his breath as he watched the Parlence roll to bring its own broadside to fully bear upon Mutsu. Part of him wished he could have just run, after all he had the Crown Princess aboard, and Mika’s life was paramount. However, there hadn’t been a way to after he had had her tell everyone in local space what was happening, the hyperlight generator hadn’t had time to recharge enough to re-enter hyperlight. His only option had been to force and engagement on his terms and get one good pass in before accelerating away to disengage and pray that the generator had made enough charge to make a hyperlight run for Quinten. He watched the range tick down as Kevin announced incoming fire, doing the math in his head for when he wanted to loose his missile shot. This was the moment he’d find out if his plan actually had succeeded…

Mutsu was shoved sideways and Michael was tossed across the bridge like a rag-doll, sirens screaming and Daniel reporting hull breaches on four decks all forward of the cera-alloy main armor belt in the prow. He lost twenty people in that shot and his ship wouldn’t be able to take another blow like that and walk away clean but the range on the hack that represented Parlence in his tactical plot flashed the number he had been holding his breath for.

“Guns! Open fire full broadside!” he ordered then turned to Kevin. “Launch missiles five through ten!”

Kevin who had a rather bad cut across his forehead where he had banged it on his console nodded. “Full broadside aye!” he called out in the heated voice of a fur caught up in the adrenaline and heat of the moment. “Missiles five through ten are away!”


“That got some damage through!” DeLorean announced with a feral smile, the destroyer was trailing atmosphere from her prow. The tactical officer wasn’t sure about that, all the hull breaches where forward of the…

Just then a alarm went off on his plot and his eyes went wide right as another broadside slammed into the Parlence. “Sir!!!” he nearly screamed himself. “Missile Launch!!!”

DeLorean did freeze this time, where had missiles come from? No destroyer mounted missiles, nothing that size did! forgetting once again that there was one class of ship that did. “Point defense!” he finally screamed seconds later, “shoot them down!”

The TACCO nodded and began pressing commands to bring up the automated point defense systems but it was already too late.


Parlence simply was not ready to deal with the Long Lances now flying clear of their launch rails. What Michael had hoped for had happened, the point defense systems aboard Parlence had not been ready. Specialized computer controlled rapid-fire lasers mounted all across a ship’s hull designed to take on a flight of incoming they where devilishly good against regular missile warheads and usable against the new Union MIRV warheads. However they where also very energy dependent, and DeLorean hadn’t had them charged because he wanted more power into his guns. After all, no destroyer had missiles.

The Mutsu’s missile broke open in what in space battle terms was point blank range. Barely far enough out for the warheads to arm and aquire their targets from the information their mothership was feeding them, five targets suddenly became fifteen, each maneuvering on its own to hit the target. The point defense system had just come online and had begun drawing fire solutions for five targets, when fifteen appeared and the computer was confused for the microsecond it took to process that these where MIRV warheads.

That was all that was needed. To its credit, Parlence was able to destroy six of the warheads before they hit home, that left nine. The Long Lance’s warheads where much smaller than those of a single warhead missile, but, as with all things dealing with total conversion weaponry, ‘smaller’ really was a relative term. Each one detonated with the force of a pre-space one megaton nuclear warhead and although cera-alloy could absorb that sort of punishment, it could not do so repeatedly. Great rents where opened in Parlence’s hull as she was savaged, one section completely exposed to the vacuum of space for a hundred meters with one breach. Her ventral forward gun turret that was usable and manned was hit by four of the warheads, and simply was sheared away. Her after dorsal mount was completely mangled, one of the warheads detonating over the turret and pealing away the top armor, exposing the gunnery crews to space. Those not sealed up in vacuum suits died of exposure if they didn’t die to the conversion explosion. The after end of the ship faired no better as two warheads detonated against the main drives, wrecking half the maneuver drive, the Parlence’s acceleration at that point was cut in half and she was as maneuverable as a rock and available firepower had been halfed in one egagement.


The entire bridge crew of the Mutsu just looked on in shocked silence at what they had done to the Parlence. She was still a viable ship, she could still fight, but with half her available armament, and no where near the acceleration and maneuverability that Mutsu had, she would not survive another full missile and gun broadside if they gave it to her.

“Good lord,” Daniel said in CIC and the repeaters displaying the bridge showed the quiet that now enveloped it.

Mika blinked. “Can… can it still fight?”

“Yes Princess,” Isumi breathed still stunned herself. “But, I personally wouldn’t want to try to.”

Mika blinked frowned and an idea came to her. “Michael!” she called out, the tall slim Hardinite blinked and looked at her from his holo-tank. “Michael order them to surrender!”

He frowned. “Mika I have to get you to safety, even if that ship is a mangled wreck now your safety…”

Mika drew herself up in the most regale of bearings her slight one hundred fifty-nine centimeter height allowed for. “Commander McLoude,” she said in formal tones, hoping to break past the shock of the moment. “As Crown Princess of the Kingdom of Edo, I order you to offer that ship a surrender.” She looked at him. “If we capture that ship we can prove that the League was going to blame Edo for destroying the Heglanda. As an Officer and a Gentleman this is an order from your Princess.”

That broke through the shock of the moment she saw, and he gave one of those slight Hardinite bows of his. “Yes Crown Princess,” and Mika let out a breath, she had actually been a little afraid Michael would turn the full firepower of the Mutsu again on the ship that had destroyed the Boone to avenge the deaths of his former crew members, the canine she hoped Michael really was showed through, and he did not fire again. He then smiled softly only to her it seems. “Your right, that ship is proof.”

He turned away from the holo-tank to Sally. “Sally, message to Parlence as fallows: You are unable to continue combat action, strike your turrets and surrender. We will render medical assistance, but you are to surrender to the Edo Naval Forces in this system,” he smiled, that was them after all. “Kevin, fire one shot from Able turret, right over her bow to let them know we’re serious, then send it again Sally. In fact, send it over clear channels as well.”

He looked over the crew of the bridge and gave a small boyish smile. “Sign it: Commander and Crew, Edoan Heavy Destroyer EWS Mutsu.”
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Postby StrangeWulf13 on Tue Jan 09, 2007 4:27 pm

See, this is what happens when you don't take everything into consideration before engaging the enemy. And the arrogance of dropping their guise...

*facepalms* Baka!! You don't reveal yourself in a covert operation!! At the very least, they should've kept up the ruse, if only to ensure as much confusion as possible. That way, no one would've known it was Imperial. Instead, the commanding officer does the most arrogant and stupid thing he could... :roll: I'm guessing these people are descendants of the old European nobility, if not in blood then in spirit. Honestly, it's for reasons like these that we kicked their butts through history...

I'm thinking this commander is going to be eating a lot of crow very shortly. :twisted:
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Postby Earl McClaw on Tue Jan 09, 2007 7:51 pm

StrangeWulf13 wrote::roll: I'm guessing these people are descendants of the old European nobility, if not in blood then in spirit.

More likely he was counting on the (assumed) fear-inducing reputation of an Imperial cruiser. Didn't work, did it, jocko?

I'm waiting for the scene where Mansrat is in custody and faces the opposing officers. I can't imagine his arrogance will do anything but get him figuratively hung.

Here's hoping Mansrat was incapacitated during that last strike and someone with more sense is in temporary command.
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