Draft comming again?

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1. Bond 26 atoms of Nitrogen into a single molecule.
2. Produce until you're satisfied with the amount.

Congratulations! You've just made the most powerful explosive substance ever formulated in the lab (to the best of my knowledge).
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When he was 8 and I was 6, my brother joked that he could make nitroglycerin using hand cream ("with glycerin") and a candle (supposedly that's how he got the nitrogen). Being little, I thought that he could actually do it.

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Well, I don't have any recipes for explosives myself (which, all things considered, is probably just as well :roll: ), but that reminds me of a couple months ago, when my fiance finished OCS and then told me he still had det cord left over...

I wonder if he's done anything with it yet. Probably not. I should ask him whatever happened to it...

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