Triple-choice game

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a: Definately the Moon and Mars, (What can I say, I grew up reading plup SF, so there really isn't an alternative answer)

Q: Making your dreams come true would be easiest with
a) large amounts of money?
b) vast amounts of free time?
c) a complete rewrite of the laws of physics?
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C) This way we can A) make it so that pop-ups can't survive in any environment, B) turn the sky random shades of colors, and C) cast X-Zone any time we want (I'm a FF buff, sue me :P)

Worst thing about winter? (It's midnight and my brain is all frayed from trying to figger out a pinball maker)

A) The repeated metric craploads of snow and ice we get?
B) Christmas Carols that make you want to sing something by Britney Spears instead?
C) The fact we rely on and worship a freaking GROUNDHOG to tell us when it's all over?

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I know that many of the readers here aren't actually in Snowbelt areas, so this question doesn't mean much to them. South Africa, south-central Texas, and Southern California don't get much snow. Therefore, I'll take it upon myself to field this one, hunkered down along the Great Lakes as I am. It's the snow and ice. Although I don't mind snow and ice so much for themselves, it's all the hassle they create that really bothers me. I hate clearing my truck off every morning, and I hate trudging through knee-deep snowfall, I hate the way the City of Erie doesn't bother to plow my street, and I hate the 35mph winds that roar off of Lake Erie.

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