Man, I miss Bloom County

Postby Spartacus on Sun Oct 21, 2001 7:53 am

I mean, everyone thinks that stupid Liberty Meadows is cool, when it really just sucks sweaty balls, 'cause all that Cho bastard does is copy off Breathed. Man, am I glad Cho's callin' it quits. Bring back Opus!!! And Steve Dallas!!! Man, now that was a comic strip.<P>------------------
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Postby Matt Trepal on Mon Oct 22, 2001 2:44 am

I'm sorry I reopened old wounds, Caleb. I miss "Bloom County" too. And now I'm nervously awaiting a cease-and-desist letter from Mr. Breathed's attorneys. 9_9<P>But you don't like "Liberty Meadows," eh? I do, but it seems to me that he reuses a lot of gags, which IS kinda sad for a strip that's only been around for a few years. If you can find it, I recommend reading "University2" (that's "University-squared"), Cho's strip from the University of Maryland. It contains all the same characters as "Liberty Meadows," although some were altered to get the strip syndicated, but I think it's a hell of a lot funnier, since he didn't have any syndicate restrictions.
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