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Postby Matt Trepal on Sat Jul 07, 2001 7:54 am

Judging from the flood of emails and forum messages I got on the subject, everyone noticed that there was a typo in Friday's strip, right? Well, not a typo, but two words were transposed and turned Dozer's little admonishing speech from perfectly sensible to <I>mostly</I> sensible.<P>Actually, you probably <I>didn't</I> catch it, because all the right words were there, and you knew what he was supposed to say, and you brain just put it all together correctly. Wonderful thing, that brain. Hey, I didn't catch it until the sixth or so time I read it, so I don't blame you.<P>I'd've gotten it up earlier, but I had accidentally deleted the Photoshop .PSD file that I assemble the strips in before converting them to .GIFs, so I had to redo the whole damn thing. Luckily, I still had the TIFF.
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Postby ThePooka on Sun Jul 08, 2001 11:22 am

*blink* This has Nothing to do with the typo thing, other than I think you just described how I read.<P>I don't think I read everysingle word in a sentance, but skip everyother word, or only read part of a word. I end up devouring books at a fantastic pace, but yet there is still a craveing for more. As if some part of me is still unsatisfied. So I read more hopeing to get satasfied. Maby If I actualy read the whole damn sentance instead of skipping bits I'd feel satisfied.<P>Or maby I just need to pet Dozers tail.<P>------------------
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