Please write an "About" for Parthenos!

Postby Steveha on Sun Mar 18, 2001 4:50 am

Most web comics have an "About" page that lays things out for the newcomer. I would really, really like to see one for Parthenos.<P>Is this set in the days of old Greece? Is it set in the far future, with Greek gods made real? (Read _Lord of Light_ by Roger Zelazy for a far future story of gods from India made real.) Is this only intended for people with a degree in Greek literature?<P>I've been reading it since almost the very beginning; I started with the first comic. I'm still not sure who all the main characters are, or what's going on. A "Cast" page listing the major players would also be very nice.<P>I suspect I am not able to fully enjoy Parthenos because I don't know enough or at least don't understand enough. With some more stuff explained, I think I would enjoy it more.<P>P.S. In my teenage days, I read several whole books on mythology. If you throw names from Greek or Roman mythology at me, I can very possibly tell you a short version of the myths they are in. I think it is fair to say I know more about Greek mythology than most people I know... but I'm still at sea here.<P>I never read _The Iliad_ or _The Oddyssey_... would those help?
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Postby Virgil v2.0 on Sun Mar 18, 2001 11:13 am

You could find the cliff's notes somewhere and get a quick overview. Since the strip itself is an offshoot of those tales, a background knowlege of them helps a lot.<P>Mike, if you need someone to summarize the back story, I'm game. Be warned that it would be a very unique interpretation...
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Postby Dreamless on Mon Mar 19, 2001 1:12 am

It's one of those things I've been planning to do for a while now but never got around to it; I was (in fact) going to do it Saturday, but I got an epiphany and spent all weekend working.<P>If you're up for it, V, go ahead; I'd be curious to see what you think.<P>As for the setting: it's the past. Not necessarily *the* past, mind you, as there's more than a touch of fantasy to it, but...<P>Clothing and attitudes are as much modern as ancient or classical; gods have more access to the future than mortals do, though it may or may not vary by god. However it's done, it's all taken very much for granted.<P>mike
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