Car troubles

Postby Dreamless on Sun Mar 18, 2001 4:30 am

but hang in there: it's so much better when you're used to it.<P>well, not quite. i won't try to pretend it gives me better gas mileage, or even really better acceleration; i'm just one of those people who always has to be doing something with his hands, and the transmission fills that role admirably--keeps me busy.<P>although there are chunks of sf that make me regret the choice.<P>and while it's not much fun getting the car fixed up, it's neat when you get it back and it's that much closer to new...
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Postby Steveha on Sun Mar 18, 2001 4:56 am

My dad told me once, and I think it is true: a manual transmission breaks more often than an automatic, but it is much cheaper to have it repaired when it does break.
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Postby MizunoL on Sun Mar 18, 2001 9:38 am

I too have an Acura, an 89' Integra. She's actually a very good car, but as a novice driver the manual transmission still scares the crap out of me. The only thing I'm capable of doing without stalling out is turning on the windshield wipers.
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Postby Virgil v2.0 on Sun Mar 18, 2001 12:42 pm

I sympatize with the car situation. I drive an '86 Acura Legend and there's always something giving me trouble.<P>Before that, I drove a Volvo. Damn things are nigh invincible. I guess it's a testement to my driving skills that I managed to total one <IMG SRC="">
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