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Sigh...sorry about this mess, everyone. I've finally gotten all the HTML source code saved for every post that is currently on the forum, and I will continue to back up the latest threads every other day or so. I'm also possibly getting a new script (from someone Carson knows) that should make it easier for me to back up the actual data from the forum, instead of just the HTML. <P>It has now been explained to me why entire threads occasionally disappear as someone is posting a reply: apparently, the Ultimate Bulletin Board saves posts as HTML, instead of in database form, and can only handle so many posts at one time, usually 50.<P>Think: How many forums are on KeenSpace's servers?! Several <i>hundred,</i> and many of those are even more active than this one. It's very possible that more than fifty people could be hitting the Submit button at the same exact moment, which would confuse the holy hell out of the message board and cause things to simply disappear, as it tries to save a hundred posts in the same instant.This is what has been happening, with greater and greater frequency, as new boards are added, almost daily.<P>Until I can replace this message board (and I'm in the process of testing one from EzBoards), I guess we'll just have to deal with the possibility that some threads may disappear. At least, I have everything up to this post backed up in HTML form, now, so only the very newest posts would be lost, if the board goes wonky, again.<P>Again, I'm sorry for all this mess!! I'll let everyone know as soon as I have the EzBoard ready to go, and I'll replace the links to this board to redirect to the new one.<P>I hate it when things don't work they way they're supposed to!!! Grrrr!!<P>Kaichi
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