Gah!!! 900 sites updating ahead of me!!

Postby Snakemeat on Mon Jul 16, 2001 6:37 am

so-hi!<P> Is it just me or does it seem like gengiromeo is looking out of of his highrise apartment building to a view of a sky skraper that just so happens to be wearing a condum! Hehehehahehehuh. Vewry funny, very funny.
Not that it is'nt a good healthy reminder but if it was an accident and its supposed to be an awning forgive me for miss interpretting.
Also in this postal reply: Is the system been very slow the last few times I've visited or is it that some how the system is using my computers modem for its own transfers while I sit and wait till I have to reclick to get any thing to come up on the screen.?!? Seriuosly its getting to be time consuming and thats the last thing I need to happen when visiting. wish I could help to support my fellow artists better. might be more able to do just that if'n I get this new job cleaning floors five days a week at an oldfolks manor from 9:00 pm to midnight ofr one in the morning. At least it won't be seven days a week like this blasted paper rout. I say I could win a marathon after running these newspapers every day. So whats up? I s it the system or an individual hackuser ofr what?
Love: <P>------------------
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Postby ZOMBIE USER 866 on Mon Jul 16, 2001 7:04 am

Heh!!! No, I didn't intend for it to look like a condom, however, I've been pretty tired (and a little lonely!!), lately, so I wouldn't rule out some kind of artistic Freudian slip. (~-^)<P>I think the slow problem is with the KeenSpace server. They seem to be having a lot of problems with it, lately. I'm told they're trying to do some kind of update to the "server farm," whatever that is, which is supposed to help speed things up. I have no clue whether or not it actually <i>will</i> speed things up, and I'm very sorry for the delays caused by this.<P>I'm seriously considering looking for another host for the comic, but it's difficult to find one that is A) free, B) willing to host my domain name and C) reliable. I'm not making any money off the site, so I can't afford to pay for hosting somewhere. I'm really hoping whatever it is Keen are doing will fix this problem, once and for all. But, being a pessimist, I know better than to hold my breath while I'm waiting.<P>(~-^)<P>Kaichi
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Postby ZOMBIE USER 866 on Mon Jul 16, 2001 11:48 am

Sigh...I tried <i>so</i> freaking hard to get the comic done on time, tonight, only to put it into the update queue and find I'm number 901. ***double huge sigh*** Well, I guess it will be online sometime today. I'm very very sorry for this delay. Maybe it's time for me to find another host for my comic.<P>Any ideas for a good free host that allows CGI and will let me host my own domain name there?<P>(^-^)<P>Kaichi, who is really really REALLY mad, tonight!!!
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