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Postby ZOMBIE USER 866 on Wed Nov 29, 2000 12:34 pm

I'm sorry about the tardiness of the new ShadowFall page (<A HREF="">page 27</A>. I got a little sick, last night, and couldn't finish. Sigh...<P>Also, since I'm stuck out in the middle of the Mojave desert, I've just about exhausted all the research venues in this area. I'm afraid I may have to put "Wings" on temporary hiatus, until I can figure out how to get the reference materials I need. I'll continue working on ShadowFall, though, since it requires no research. <P>Maybe I'll also be able to get Tadaima! in motion. Sorry I didn't mention that, earlier, when KimiG asked about it. <P> <IMG SRC=""><P>Kaichi<P>
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