Hurry up and get back to poor Genjiro!!

Postby KimiG on Sat Nov 18, 2000 2:06 am

Kaichi, babe, I know you're excited about the new board and new site, but yer makin me wait tooooooo looooooong!!! Get off the puter and get to work on Shadowfall!!!! Take care of poor little Genjiro! Dont make me have to hurt you, sweets. I have a big fat loaf of week old french bread that could knock you silly. <IMG SRC=""><P>smooches,
KimiG<P>p.s. I like the other comics too. when is Tadiama coming? Huh? GET TO WORK KAI!!!!
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Postby ZOMBIE USER 866 on Sat Nov 18, 2000 2:59 am

Kimi kun! I'm trying! <bowing with hands clasped over his head> Please forgive me! I promise I'll have new stuff for this coming week, but I have to get Wings done, first. The perspective on this last page is killing me! And writing HTML is very time-consuming. <P>But I'm pretty much finished with the coding and testing of the pages. It looks like it all works, okay, now. I promise I won't leave Genjiro hanging much longer. I'm beginning to feel sorry for the idiot, myself. <P>Kaichi
(Truthfully, I think he deserved what he got...!!)<P>
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