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So now that you did a great parody of the matrix, is there anything in store for future parody's? i suggest Star Wars, Gladiator, or Back to the Future. <P>Also more comics with Dan, he's a pretty cool guy and i like the hair.
More updates weekly would do as well. Hey, you're stuff's excellent, is there anyway I can get signed versions of comics to put on my wall?

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Well, I had a Star Wars parody in the works, although I'd like to get more into the characters, first. Of course, the idea of Donn Solo is pretty appealing. Still have to see Gladiator (why I haven't yet is beyond me). Back to the Future's a possibility, though.<P>Oh, you're not biased at all, are you? <IMG SRC=""> Outside of the big Dan story I've got planned, though, he'll probably be under-used. It's a shame, too, he's a fun character to come up with lines for. Maybe I'll re-draw Decathanated soon ...<P>Thanks for the compliments! Signed versions might be a bit difficult, though, since I tend to draw two or three comics per page; heck, tell me what you have in mind, and I'll see what I can do.<P>Chris