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PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2001 6:42 am
by Russ
Anyone else see Battle Royale? It's a controversial Japanese film by Fukasaku which will probably not get wide theatrical release in the US. Set in the near future, the Japanese government attempts to deal with juvenile dilenquency by setting up an annual lottery in which a class of students is taken to an island to kill each other until only one survives... it's a dark satire with lots of shocking violence, but also a serious exploration of trust and betrayal. I think if it was adults in it, it could be a popular mainstream film, but since it's high schoolers, it's a political hot potato. Alamo Drafthouse here in Austin showed it this weekend to a packed house and said it might not get screened at all in uncut form in the US; this was part of a Fukasaku retrospective film festival. Anyway, my friend & I thought it was quite a good interesting shocking film.<P>------------------
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