I wonder what's the average age of the people who read Furfi

Postby Janus_Sable on Tue Mar 26, 2002 9:01 pm

*catches Dricon's mouse and steals it. Runs away!*

Attention everyone! Addict new readers to Furfire! Just like I addicted Dricon here!

*evil Zina-type laughter*
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Postby Dricon on Tue Apr 09, 2002 6:10 am

HEY! Gimme back my mouse Janus! I have to post now on the school computers. You know how horrible that is! GIMME BACK! And you know how hard it is to scroll down to look a the comic without a mouse..its HARD! So gimme it back..Or you'll be sowwy...:grin:
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Postby Andrick on Tue Apr 09, 2002 9:51 am

*nudges Dricon* You could always use the cursor keys. Better than using the mouse, in my opinion.

*hands Dricon a bucket of lobsters* Nothing makes someone more penitent than the sound of "Gubweee!". :wink:
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Postby Fizzy on Tue Apr 09, 2002 10:34 am

I'm 22 and I read it because of the great story and wondeful art.
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