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Yeah, so do I! Like I told y'all, I'm not entirely sure about American terms, words or something like that. OBS.: I'm a Japanese.
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Here I am again! Miss me?

"C.: What you two were hiding from us?
Su.: Please, try to understand...
P.: Understand WHAT? You came with all these secrets, John was taken away, this place unables our powers and you're telling us to CALM DOWN?
Q.: Now, wait a moment! It's fair to let her explain herself.
Su.: Well, we were thinking that it would be the best time to tell y'all after Chris and John's training, but then all this happened, and we forgot to tell y'all.
D.: Well, now you have all the time.
S.: Wait, Di. Susie, maybe you want us not to hear your story...
Su.: Oh, no, I don't mind. At least, this'll take your mind away from all this for a while.
Z.: I wouldn't mind to hear.
A.: Me, neither, I like a good story.
Q.: So, I guess you don't have much choice than sharing your past with us.
Su.: OK... Everything happened 5 or 6 years ago...

'...the local was Rindt Tribe, at the Kensa Continent. That village was home of the CHOSEN ONES, the originals. John and I lived there since we were little cubs. I was born an year before him and, that might surprise y'all, he was the Chief's son. But he never liked his position, always refusing the comforts that the royal life could offer. Instead, he always played with us, his subjects, talking, laughing, mocking and being mocked. But he never cried. Only when he was born, but never again. He was a happy and very active fox, though. The king and the queen didn't like the idea of him joining us to a hunt at the fields, but the tribe's shaman said it would do to him just good things, 'make him stronger, faster, brave, with fast thoughs and agile as a cheetah'. Of course he was exaggerating, but what he said was everything that a true ruler might have. So, since that day, John always was with us at huntings, patrols and even in training and sparring. His first fight was against me. I was terrified! I was gonna fight against the Chief's son! What if I won?! What could happen?! I didn't had time to think. He attacked like a beast attacks its prey. We were using wooden sticks, and he attacked me with sucha fury that I saw, not John, but an animal attacking me, so, instinctively, I launched a move and managed to pin him on the ground. When I came to myself, I was more terrifield than proud. I stood up, and he did the same. He approached me and said: 'Why did ya stopped? It was funny! Come on, Susie, I dare ya!!!' He knew my weak point. I couldn't resist a good challenge, so I put my fears away and we started a brawl that we can still feel the sweat, the steam and the fury. No one dared to stay less than 15 feet near us. We only stopped 3 hours after we started. We were tired, VERY tired, but VERY happy. Everyone who witnessed started to applaud. After that, evryone wanted to challenge us for a fight, but everyone knew that the best fights were those which had us as the main characters. But the rivality always stayed at the fighting ring. Outside, there was only friendship, so strong that we couldn't notice their talking, like 'They sure make a nice couple, I bet they'll get married, They'll be the tribe's new rulers'. Excepting some sayings, I was somewhat flattered with everything, but not John. Remember when I told y'all he never liked the royal life? Well, not only the life, but also what was reserved for him. I always dreamt about being part of the royal family, but John's position throwed my dreams away. I was so mad at him that I stopped tlaking with him for 3 days. One day, I was at the lake near the tribe, when he appeared;

Jo.: Hi, Susie...

I turned my face away...

Jo.: Oh, come on, girl! What have I done?
Su.: Nothing, just destroyed my dreams!
Jo.: WHAT?
Su.: That's right! You've ruined my dreams, with your selfish mind!
Jo.: What are you talking about? It's about that prey we haunted this afternoon? Ya didn't tell me it was yours...
Su.: Quiet, please, BE QUIET!!!

He was with a sad look, a look I haven't saw in a long time...

Jo.: ... come on, Sue. Tell me, what've I done to make you feel sad? Talk to me... pleeeeeese?
Su.: ... you said you wasn't interested in the royal life...
Jo.: ...That's it?! That's what made you so upset at ME?!
Su.: YEAH!
Jo.: WHY?
Jo.: ...
Su.: *sob* ... Happy now?!
Su.: ?
Jo.: How can I be happy when I made you suffer like that?
Su.: ... it isn't entirely your fault...
Jo.: No, no, ya right! It's my fault, entirely my fault. I'm a big ol' selfish bastard...
Su.: Stop it, John!

It was him, alright. Always taking the blame, even when it doesn't involves him, and always taking all the risks... not even minding about his own protection or life...

Jo.: ... sorry, Sue, but I'm just saying all this 'cause, 'cause...
Su.: because?
Jo.: ... because I love you...
Su.: !!!

He LOVES ME? But he never showed any signs, anything! I was thinking he was mocking me, but... he began to caress my face, with such a tenderness that I lost my breath. I was speechless...

Su.: uh, well...
Jo.: ... don't say anything... just relax...

... he kissed me, but it wasn't an ordinary kiss. We've kissed eachother before, but never like that! The kisses before that one were always innocents, just a boy and a girl, fooling around, discovering new sensations... but on that night, it was a thing between a 17 years-old female fox and a 16 years-old male fox... we weren't kids anymore. I was one year away from my adult life, and John was 2 away, but on that night, we felt older than we really were. We were like a couple, consummating our love. But there was something on our way:

Su.:, John, wait!


Jo.: um...!.. What happened?!
Su.: That's wrong! Just wrong!!
Jo.: WHAT?! But...
Su.: John, please. Hold my hand... Now, try to see our future... together... like a couple...
Jo.: ......
Su.: Can't see a thing, right?
Jo.: but I don't understand! So, why am I so impassioned by you?
Su.: ... I don't know, but you saw our future like a couple! As dark as the sky at night!
Jo.: Ya think its just a passing feeling?
Su.: A little teenage romance is more suitable.
Jo.: So... friends?
S.: Yeah... friends.
Jo.: Well, at least we saved our friendship... not that I'm happy with that...
Su.: ... I know what will make you feel better, Johnny!
Jo.: What?

We continued with that for more than 30 minutes. Time passed so fast we didn't noticed. For 4 months, we managed to forget what happened at that night, already having our thoughs on something else... until...'

Su.: ... the 'DAY' came...

Feelin' like them, too? Well, the rest, only tomorrow! :roll:
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Keep goin' with the story...

"Z.: So, what happened on that day?
Su.: ...the worst thing that can happen to a Chosen...
Ja., C. and P.: ...! You don't mean...
Z., D., A., S. and Q.: The WHAT?
Su.: We named our transformations like that:

1-Our basic form is the SP FORM. SP goes for SIMPLE. We look like ordinary furs.
2-The second is the CHOSENS FORM. It indicates which powers we have.
3-The third is the HOLY FORM. We can use our wings together with our powers, so that we can unleash even more powerful attacks...

A.: HOLD IT! What wings?
Su.: Waddya mean... OH! Right! Folks...

Su., Ja., C. and P.: Eeirrghhh!!!


A., D., Z., S. and Q.: Holy c...
Su.: No, Holy Form.
Z.: You guys looks just like me and Sav! Only that you have those golden patterns.
C.: But we don't have to be with these patterns to use our wings. The Holy Form is a mix between the wings and the patterns. For some reason, the wings make our attacks even more powerful.
Su.: Anyways, let's continue, shall we? ...Where was I... OH YEAH!:

4-The RUBRED FORM is when our patterns turn red. It only happens when we get VERY mad and, just for comparison, you know this place, Zephyr? On your most powerful form, ya could destroy this place like that?
Z.: Well, maybe, but I don't think I could rip it off the face of the planet...
Su.: Well, in our Rubred Form, this place and anything in a 20 miles wide range, would be just dust...
A., D., Q., Z. and S.: ...*gulp!*
P.: Don't worry! We just be like that against an enemy. We never could attack y'all in this form, even if we wanted to.
S.: How come?
C.: Ya see, y'all know we have this fine sense, and when we saw you at first, we knew you weren't the bad guys.
A.: That's a relief!
Su.: Sure it is... on Rubred Form....

5-But in the VIPER FORM, the person just loose his/her control of their mind and body, attacking, destroying, harming and killing anyone and anythingthat s/he saws and/or finds. Don't know the difference between good and evil, right or wrong, foe and family... Yep, y'all got it. They can even KILL their own beloveds, from unknown people to parents that they took care of them with lots of affection... but remember, they don't know what they're doing. And when they came to, the first thing they usually saw is everyone he knew or loved, KILLED, by his/her own hands. S/he has so much remorse that ends up commiting suicide.

Q.: I can understand that... It was when I lost my son. But instead of remorse, I felt an anger that I could even feel it consuming me...
Su.: Talking about anger, remember when I said that anger was one of the factors to the Rubred Form? Well, it's the same for the Viper, but only extreme anger, an anger like you felt, Quvas, but only 1000 times bigger.

S.: OK, but why are you telling us all this?
Su.: 'Cuz the Viper Form was the thing that led our people to extintion...
Ja.: WHAT? But who...!
Su.: I'll continue the story...

'After that day at the lake, we agreed to be only friends, although we had our relapses. But after a month, we were just like before, just good ol' friends. Until one day... John was searching for a book at our library(it wasn't very big), when he found a book, a book forgotten for ages... it explains all I just told y'all, about our transformations, and everything else... except for one thing. It described the most powerful of the Chosen Ones. It only had one information, the most powerful should have DRAGON WINGS...'

D.: Dragon wings?

'This person must have something to differentiate him/er from the others. When he read it, he was startled, 'cause the day before, when he was curious about his wings, he couldn't understand why he has wings different from ours, but then he found out. Suddenly, the shaman came and saw him, read the book: 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH IT?!', yelled the old man. Scared by the shaman's yell, John throwed the book away. A piece of paper fell from the book, out of the shaman's poor sight. John managed to grab it before he noticed. 'I, I was looking for a book, then...'. 'You should not have read that book, Prince! now, get out!'. 'Hey, wait a...'. 'OUT!!!'. He never talked with John like that, so he left. When he was deep in the forest, he grabbed the piece of paper that felt from the book. It was written: "This boy is the next. He'll be the next ruler for sure. Not only that, he'll be my way to the throne. I'll make him transform to the 'damned form', so he'll kill the Chief and his wife, and I'll make him believe that it was his fault, and make him commit suicide, and then I'll be the next ruler..."... the rest was illegible, but the rest was perfectly legible. John felt such an anger that his only thoughs were... 'KILL THE TRAITOR!'. He made his wings appear and flew all the way to the tribe like an lightning. When he arrived at the Chief's house, the shaman was there, and also his parents: 'See, my lords? Behold our destruction! Behold our worst foe!'. ' WHAT?! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! Mom, Dad, lemme tell y'all the truth!'. 'Sorry, son, but we can see that the shaman was right... guess we have no choice'. 'W,w,what are y'all talking about?'. 'We made an agreement with the shaman... if what he said was true, you would have to be sacrificed...'. 'WHAT THE F*** YOU JUST SAID?!'. ' See, my lords? There's your proof! He's starting to loose control! We must get rid of him right now!'. 'WHY YOU!...'. 'Guards!'. 'WHAT THE...?'. 'Sorry, my son, but it's the best for the tribe. you understand, don't you?'. 'Sure I can. The first thing I've learned was to sacrifice myself for the sake of the tribe... but at least lemme tell my side of the story!'. 'Don't listen to him! He'll poison your minds with lies and blasphemies. GUARDS! TAKE HIM OUT!'. 'NO! WAIT! MOM, DAD, PLEASE, LISTEN TO ME!!!!'. '...sorry, son, but he have no choice...'. He saw their eyes full of tears, knowing they weren't hiding anything. But right before he was taken out of the Chief's house, he saw the shaman's eyes, full with evil and sarcasm, and the shaman said in John's mind: "I fooled them... You're the first; they'll be the next...". It was enough to make him lost the control. With a blast of the energy and fury, he throwed the guards away, and was involved by a hurricane of lightning, and when it settled down, the VIPER FORM appeared in front of their eyes. 'AHA! Now it's my chance! I command you to kill these in front of you!'. 'WHAT?! YOU BETRAYED US!'. 'You bet! Now, kill them! NOW! What's the matter? You should be under my control!'. *KKKRRRAAAACCCKKKK*... The shaman disappeared, lefting only dust. 'Oh, my son, sorry we didn't believed you before! Can you forgive us?!'. 'Of course I can... AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!'. 'What1s wrong, son?!'. It was the last thing he can remember. I was fishing and was coming back to the village, when I saw black smoke coming from the village. I could feel something wasn't right, followed by anxiety. I ran to the village, just to find two bodies. I stood there for a while... I couldn't open the front door, but I took a big breath and opened the door... the horror, the horror... bodies, blood, destruction... while I was walking to the my house, I couldn't hold my tears just to think what was inside my house. It was very obvious... my parents... dead... I was so mad that I transformed to the Rubred Form for the very first time, and I looked all the houses, one by one, but I only found out death. I left the Chief's house for the last. I entered there... our beloved chief was dead, and his wife as well. I couldn't see the shaman anywhere, but I found John. He was covered with blood, so I first thought he was dead, too. But he was breathing, like he was unconscious. 'John, please, wake up!'. 'oooouuuhhhh... what happened?'. 'I should make you this question! Who did all this?'. He look around and he entered in despair. 'OH GOD!! NO!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE??!!'. 'WHAT?! YOU DID ALL THIS?!'. He looked at me and ran away. 'John, wait, what's wrong?!'. Before I started chasing him, I spotted a piece of paper, it was red 'cause of the bloodbath, but I could read it... '!!!'... the 'danm form', or the 'viper form'. That what happened. He transformed to the Viper Form and killed everyone! At first, all I wanted was hunt and destroy him!... but then, I remembered a conversation between the Chief and my father: "So, Chief, you think John is the powerful one?/ I don't know, the only thing I can do is hope what the shaman told me won't occur.../ You mean... the VIPER FORM?!". The Chief explained to my father what I've explained already for y'all. Then, my fury disappeared. now, I should find John before he kill himself... I didn't need to seek a lot. he was at the front door, seating and thoughtful, with guilty eyes on his face... '...Hey, John...', that was all I could say. '...'. I took silence as an answer. 'Look, I found the letter. I know it wasn't your fault...'. 'How can you be so sure?'. He looked me with a serious look... 'I KILLED THEM, SUSIE! With my own hands! These same hands that helped them, touched them, played with them, even caressed you! And you said it wasn't MY FAULT?!'. *smack!*. 'STOP IT, ALREADY!!! Look, it wasn't your fault! The shaman fooled your parents! Turned them against you, and was planning to take the throne to himself, and even worse, wanted to make you feel guilty, like what you're doing right now!!! Keep blaiming yourself, and it's a victory for the traitor! Now, PUT YOURSELF TOGETHER BEFORE I'LL DO IT!!!!!!!'. He was surprised. He never saw me lost my temper like that... and neither did I! '... You're right, Sue. That's exactly what he wanted... I won't let him win!'. 'Now, that's the good ol' John I know!!!'. '...But, what are gonna do now?'. Sure wasn't an easy question to answer... but he answered it: 'Wait. I know. Let's bury them.'. '?'. 'Let's give them a decent funeral. That's all we can do for them, right now...'. 'OK...'. We carried them to an open field, right next to the tribe, dug holes, put each one of them in each hole and covered them. 'Let's pray for them.'. We lowered our heads and we made a silent pray. I looked at John, and I figured out why he wanted to make a pray, not only for the dead, but also to disguise the cry. That was John, alright. Never cried, or at least, never let anyone notice when he cried. I left him alone and continued with my praying. After we finished, he said: 'Let's go, there's nothing here for us.'. 'What are you talking about? We can start a new life together...'. '... but not in here.'. I could see why he wanted to leave the village. I looked around and all I could see was the people lying on the ground, without moving. No matter how much I wanted to get that picture outta my mind, I just couldn't! So, I agreed with him, and we left the village, our life, our past and our family behind. Everything now are just memories... memories that we won't forget. NEVER...

(crying sounds)

S.: Come on, girls, stop crying...
THE GIRLS: We're not crying.
Q.: So, who...
A. and Z.: Just a thing in our eyes!
D.: Oh, God.
S.: But I still don't get it! What's John's plan anyways?
Ja.: I don't know. He's like this, comes with a plan from nowhere and we only understand it when he's done with his plan.
C.: Another thing I don't understand is, why he wanted you to 'update' us about you?
Su.: I don't know...
S.: Well, maybe...! I KNOW!!!
Z.: WHoa, There! You know what?
S.: HIS...(whispering)... his plan. I figured out his plan!
P.: Why are you whispering?
S.: 'Cause of the guard!
P.: Oh, I forgot! But he's sleeping, now, so, spit it out, man!
S.: I bet he's planning to transform to the VIPER FORM!

... Just wait for more, OK?
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"EVERYONE: ...the Viper Form?
S.: The Viper Form.
P.: But why would he wanna do that?! Susie already told us what happened. If I was him, the last thing I would do is even think about this Viper thing...
Su.: ...but you're not John.
Su.: What I'm saying is, he's gonna face his past...
Ja.: What'd ya say? Face his past?
Su.: Yeah, he has this saying: "NEVER FORGET YOUR MISTAKES FROM THE PAST.".
Q.: So, he's gonna transform again to the Viper Form to get us out of here?
Ja.: ...probably. But how? We cannot use our powers here, and neither the furmentials.
A.: Maybe Yuira casted a spell that unables any kind of magic, except hers and Inavara's.
Z.: DAMN HER AND MY BROTHER!!! So, this detail may stop him, huh?
Su.: No, it won't, 'cus the Viper Form is the only form that can resist any kind on counter-spell.
D.: Even when the counter-spell was already launched?
Su.: He won't even feel any difference.
Z.: Alright! We got a chance to kick my brother's butt!
S.: Hold yourself, Zephyr.
Z.: Why? Don't you see? When John transform to the Viper thing, he'll make porkchops of him and yuira, and then their hole army, and then...
S.: ...and then it'll be our time to join them.
Q.: He's right! As far as I can remember, John lost all the control, like something else was controlling his body and mind!
P.: Got that right, old fella. When he's done with everyone, including us, this place will go down, and then... I don't even wanna think what could happen after.
Z.: *gulp*. Well, looks like things are against us again, huh?
Ja.: Not exactly. He'll finish all the bad guys, if ya wanna see the bright side of the thing.
Z.: I don't wanna see the bright side of anything! I wanna see the daylight again! I wanna see the tomorrow! I wanna die old, not young! I wanna...


A.: Get a grip on yourself, Zephyr!!! It won't do anything good if you starts losing it now!! We must stay cool and think on something, so, STAY CALM, DAMIT!!!
GUARD: zzzzzz... um?...oh...grumble...
Q.: He's waking up!
A.: Hurry, call him, Di!
D.: Are you insane?!
D.: Guard! GUARD!!
G.: Umph... whaddya want?
D.: Uh, well, I...
G.: What the...?
D.: Oh, yes! It's my brother! I don't know what's wrong with him! Help him, pleas, or he'll die!
G.: Me, help him?! Why should I? Those two want you dead, anyways!
C.: Yeah, but they'd prefer to do it with their own hands. If they find him dead, they'll be SOOO disappointed with ya that you'll be in his place...

(opening the door cell...)

G.: Hey, fur! Are you OK?
A.: ... I AM NOW!!!
G.: HOLY...?

*paf, kick, throw*

A.: That was easy...
Su.: ...niiiiiiice.
A.: Thanks. Now, shall we go?
S.: Alright, we must get to the place where those three are!
Z.: Fine, I'll take the lead!
Z.: Fine, Fine! Geez!
Q.: One of you guys! You have better sense of smell than us, so lead our path to John!
Ja.: OK! Susie, you were chosen. You know John's smell better than anyone here.
Su.: Alright! *sniff, sniff* Let's take this corridor...

At a chamber, somewhere in the castle...

Jo.: "Oh, Lord! Stuck in Talla'don again."
Y. and I.: QUIET, ALREADY!!!
Jo.: Come on! I don't sing that badly!
I.: Please, lemme kill him with my sword!
Y.: No, Inavara. This table was created for torture. We needed someone to test the table, and we got a healthy one! We got lucky!
Jo.: Of course not!
Y.: What? Why not?
Jo.: 'Cause if ya got lucky, the person who would be here should be uglier than ya... although its pretty difficult to find someone uglier that ya...
Y.: WHY YOU!!!!!!
Jo.: I wonder who would be uglier than ya... Of course! The good ol' Whitey here! Damn, how can ya be so DAMN ugly?!
Y.: Hold yourself, Inavara!!
Jo.: heheheheheh, fight, my lil' puppets. Fight!...
I.: No, no, no, wait. You see? He was trying to make us fight.
Y.: Yeah, and we almost fell for that!
Jo.: Aawwww, y'all spoiled my fun!
Y.: Quiet, you! This will make you stay shut!
Jo.: muunph, argh...
I.: Okay, let's start.

(A circle made of wood comes from the ceiling, with sharpen tools of steel)

Jo.: *gulp*
Y.: Feelin' frightened, garbage? You should be! Those instruments were made to make any kind of pain, imaginable and unimaginable.
I.: Yes, they can be used like that, or can be warmed up. Very versatile, don't you think?
Jo.: .......
I.(talking next to John's ear): Oh, what's wrong? A cat ate your tongue? Well, if your tongue is still there, don't worry. It won't be there for too long...
Y.: Can we start?
I.: Sure. Ladies, first.
Y.: Thank you... let's start with that big dirty tongue of yours...

Sorry, wanna do more, but I can't think in anything else. The rest, tomorrow...
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Come on, y'all! I need opinions to keep goin' with the story!

SPECIALLY FOR ZINA: Have you saw Alfredo Casero or something clip or song? If you already saw it, ya understand my question: if ya ain't related to any Japanese, why ya write Japanese things? Just 'cause ya like, or is it something else?
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Well, since y'all haven't returned any opinions, I asked directly to Silver, and she wanted more, so, dedicated to her, here's another part:

"After getting out of their cell, due to Abbie's quick thoughts, the furs, the furmentials and the chosen ones are trying to met John, Yuira and Inavara, using Susie's fine sense of smell. But there's something on their way:

SUSIE: *sniff, sniff* phew!
QUVAS: How's the smell? Good?
SUSIE: Funckie!


CHRIS: Are you sure where you're going?
SUSIE: Of course! But I'm loosing the track. His smell is getting weaker and weaker...
ZEPHYR: So, try to smell carefully. I don't wanna be pickled again.
DIANE: Neither do we, Zephyr.
ZEPHYR: Oh, quiet!
ZEPHYR: What?!
ZEPHYR(whispering): ...what?
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Postby Zina on Thu Mar 28, 2002 4:11 pm

On 2002-03-24 03:34, John Flaherty wrote:
Come on, y'all! I need opinions to keep goin' with the story!

SPECIALLY FOR ZINA: Have you saw Alfredo Casero or something clip or song? If you already saw it, ya understand my question: if ya ain't related to any Japanese, why ya write Japanese things? Just 'cause ya like, or is it something else?

Simply because I like's not only a fun language, but an interesting culture. The history is neat too. Must one be related to something in order to take interest in it?
Also, I don't write 'Japanese Things'. Never have. My story is very American-like. The style I draw it in is like that of anime, however.

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Now, Zina, Don't take me wrong. I just got curious, and I expressed my feelings wrongly.
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Abbie's past always interested me. This was my inspiration for this fanfic(not related to the actual fanfic):

"It was a nice summer day. Savrin, John and Chris are trying to catch a fish for supper. Jackie, Susie and Diane are just chatting a little. Zephyr is trying to make a fire. Pat is by the lake, washing her hair and fur. Abbie... well... Abbie is alone, sitting in the shade of a cottonwood tree, thoughtful. They didn't have a moment of peace like that since they were at the Wildtra Tribe. He was very deep on his thoughts, but not for long:


PAT: HAHAH! C'mon, Abbie, I thought ya was a canine, not a feline!
PAT: Whoa, there! I was only joking! Ya don't have to be so rude!
ABBIE: ... I'm sorry...

That sorry was so without feelings she felt bad for joking with him.

PAT: No, Abbie. I'm the one who's sorry. But y'know me. I like to make jokes. That's the way I tell a person that I like him/her.
ABBIE: I know, Pat. I was just thinking about...
PAT: ... about what?
ABBIE: ...Oh, nothing.
PAT: Hey, that's not a 'Oh, nothing' face to me. Tell me now, or I'll have to use my tickles strategy on you.
ABBIE: OK, OK! Well, it's more like a question... a question I wanna make you.
PAT: Well, shoot.
ABBIE: ... You can tell a person's future, can't ya?
PAT: Yes. Why ya ask?
ABBIE: I was wondering if you can tell a person's past, too.
PAT: Oh! Well, I can, but..
PAT: But I can't use it when I want.
ABBIE: What? Why not?
PAT: I don't know. I can only use it when I try to summons it. But not so frequently.
ABBIE: ...can you try, now?
PAT: Why're so interested about my powers, anyway?
ABBIE: ...well, I always wanted to know about my past. I only can remember after I was adopted my Di's father.
PAT: I always imagined how come you two could be siblings, being from different species. Well, I guess it won't harm if we give it a shot. Hold my hands, Abbie.
ABBIE: Ok. Thanks.
PAT: Hmmmm... !!
PAT: I, I can see it!!!
ABBIE: Really?! What can y...
PAT: SSHHH! I can only describe it after I saw it.
ABBIE: Sorry.

two minutes later...

ABBIE: Well? Tell me!
PAT: Ya really wanna know? Even if isn't pretty?
ABBIE: ...... sure. Tell me.
PAT: ...OK...

'You were from a forgotten city nowadays, named Frieden. Your parents were merchants, and they first saw eachother during one of their trips. Their routes were the same, so, while buying and selling, they were knowing and liking eachother. One day, they passed by a chapel, and decided to consumate their love right there, due to their love, big as a Cadillac. They came back to their city, and were congratulated by their friends and family. It was a relief for them, 'cause they would lead with their families' refuse. But the acceptance only made their love grew even more. But a big and pleasant surprise were waiting for them. They were living together since they came back, but work were calling. While they were preparing everything for the trip, your father, named Jordan, noticed Cien's face, your mother, very down.

JORDAN: What's wrong, luv?

Then, she started crying.

CIEN: I'm sorry, Jordan!
JORDAN: Whoa! Sorry, for what?
CIEN: I wanted to tell you before, but I was afraid! Afraid of how you would react!
CIEN: Jordan, I'll have your baby...
JORDAN: !!!... I'll be a father...

First, he was startled...

JORDAN: ...I'll be a father!

...Then, happy...


...Then, VERY happy.

CIEN: So, you're not mad at me?
JORDAN: How could I be mad at you?! That's the best thing I ever heard in my life!!
CIEN: Really?...But, Our trip'll last 10 months, at least.
JORDAN: Don't worry. We'll have the baby during the trip. We just have to make some changes before our trip. Just the things for the labor. Like you said, the trip'll last 10 months, at least, but no more than that. We'll get back and ask the mayor for abstence from work. And then, we can raise our child properly.
CIEN: Talking about the baby, which will his/her name be?
JORDAN: Don't worry about that, now, honey. We'll have the whole trip to worry about it. Now, let's make the proper changes for the trip.
CIEN: OK, luv.

9 months later, you were born as Abbalion Harrison-Laredo. You were a healthy baby, but you were the cry-a-lot baby. But your parents didn't mind it. Just to see you smiling at them was enough to make them strong again. They came back and raised you until you were three years-old, when tragedy knocked at their door.'

ABBIE: WHAT?! What happened? What happened to my city? And with my parents?!
PAT: I'll just tell you if you stop interrupting me!

'Frieden's citizens were very peaceful, always tried to stay as far as they could from war subjects. Due to a national law, the city was considered a neutral city. But there was a fella who didn't give a s*** about that law, or any law; and he arrived at Frieden. He got there, acting like the King of the Hill. He was very impolite and rude with everyone. Your parents were running a little market, and this person, named Caine Horgtie, stopped there.

JORDAN: ...What do you want?
CAINE: HEY! That ain't the way to treat a costumer! Hm... PUAH! Ya call it a MARKET?! It's more like a garbage can!
JORDAN: Look, buy something, or leave.
CAINE: Who do you think you are to give me orders?!
CIEN: What's wrong, Jordan?
JORDAN: Nothing, honey. Turn around and go back to your room.
CAINE: WHOA! What a hunnie!
JORDAN: HEY! Don't talk about my wife like that!

Caine launched a punch, but Jordan made a move, and gave Caine a sequence of punches at his face and stomach.

JORDAN: Now, get out of my place!!!
CIEN: Jordan! You're OK?
JORDAN: I'm fine. No one will treat you like that while I'm still alive!
CIEN: You heard his words? He said he'll come back!
JORDAN: Bulls***! He'll never come back.

He was wrong. Although he was a jerk and a pig, he was a very influential politician, and he used his power to get his revenge.'

ABBIE: But, as far as I know, no politician has this kind of power!
PAT: Maybe so, but he used two powerful weapons.
1-Your country was in war with a neighboring country, the same country where Savrin was born.
PAT: I know, but his parents never agreed with the war, like your parents, Abbie. Caine used this as an excuse to launch an armed attack against Frieden. The second reason was even more powerful than the war. A weapon that can make brothers fight against eachother...
ABBIE: ...bribes.
PAT: Ya got that right.
ABBIE: DAMN HIM!... well, at least, he's dead, now.
PAT: Maybe, but he was very alive when Frieden was attacked...

'Armed with tanks, soldiers and everything, he attacked the city, destroying everything. But he left your parents' market for the last. He was on top of a tank and, before he gave clearance for the tanks to attack, he screamed: 'I TOLD Y'ALL WOULD PAY!' And then, the tanks launched their rockets at their market... it blew up... with your parents inside... they didn't stand a chance. But, miraculously, you survived, but Caine didn't noticed. He left, followed by his army, laughing loudly. Two weeks later, a middle-aged cat arrived. The city was in ruins. He thought he could use anything and started searching. Nothing. He was about to leave, when he heard a baby's cry. He thought it was his imagination, but he searched, anyways, and he found you, half-dead due to the starvation. He had some rations, and he gave all to you. You ate them like it was your last meal, but ya did it with such a joy that the cat couldn't stop looking at you while eating. He asked your name, but you didn't say anything. He asked again, and you only showed him a book: 'MANY WAYS TO GIVE LOVE AND PEACE TO SOMEONE - ABBALION PERKINS'. So, he named you Abbalion Mai'lar, and took you as his son. The End.'

PAT: Phew! Happy, now?
ABBIE: A little. But I just don't get one thing.
PAT: What is it?
ABBIE: Why I couldn't remember anything? I had enough age to remember all this!
PAT: Your stepfather used a potion to made you forgot everything. But he didn't know about your parents, so you even forgot about them. It wasn't intentional. He only did that to make you forget all the bad things that happened to you, to forget all the suffering and pain. He loved you, Abbie. He didn't want to see you with that expression, again, when he found you. That's why he made you forget all that.
ABBIE: ...daddy... why'd you left? Why? Can you tell me why, Patr
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Postby The Red Hawk on Sun Mar 31, 2002 6:49 pm

Aside from all the grammatical errors and such(which I can't blame you for, since english isn't your first language), it's a great story.

I always wondered where Abbie came from, and how he was adopted. I wonder if we will every really know.
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Postby Zina on Mon Apr 01, 2002 12:24 pm

Great story! Question, tho'...if it was a neutral and peaceful country, why was it at war?
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Postby John Flaherty on Mon Apr 01, 2002 12:33 pm

On 2002-04-01 12:24, Zina wrote:
Great story! Question, tho'...if it was a neutral and peaceful country, why was it at war?

Actually, Frieden is a city, the city was neutral and peaceful. But the rest of the country where Frieden is located were at war. Caine used the war as an excuse to attack the city. Maybe I forgot to add, but the whole country thought the city betrayied the nation, that's why they gave clearance to Caine to destroy the city, giving the 'Let's get rid of the virus before it spreads' argument. I'll say again, Frieden, Abbie's hometown, never agreed with the war between the two nations.

Buenos Aires is in Argentina, not in Brazil.

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Postby John Flaherty on Fri Apr 05, 2002 8:26 pm

Now, the current story:

"JOHN: ...Yuira...will...die...
YUIRA: .............

She's speechless, wondering what's going to happen with her...

QUVAS: Let's get out of here, now!
JACKIE: Wait, we can't leave John! We must...
ZEPHYR: ...we must do what Quvas said, GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!!!
CHRIS: We are not going anywhere without John!
ZEPHYR: Really? So where's he? The only thing I'm seeing is a DEMON FROM HELL!!!

*zaapppp* *buuumm*

ZEPHYR: He almost hitted me!
JOHN: It doesn't involves you all... This is between me and the weasel, so, DON"T INTERFERE!!!
ABBIE: We should do what he says... It won't be any good making him more pissed off than he already is.
PAT: I guess you're right... but still, we must do something!
SAVRIN: Come on, Susie! Think! You know him well!
SUSIE: Uh, well, I...
JOHN: I said SHUT UP!!!


DIANE: Susie!

Chris tried to attack John, but it was useless. He created an invisible wall, practically umbreakable...

CHRIS: DAMN!! John, fight agaisnt the Viper! Do it!
SUSIE: Uhhh, no...Chris...
CHRIS: Susie! You're OK?
SUSIE: I'll...I'll be fine. But you must transform to Rubred Form.
JACKIE: What? But why? We can't break this wall...
SUSIE: Just do it! *cough* Trust me...
JACKIE: ...OK. Chris, Pat...
CHRIS and PAT: We're ready.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the wall, John and Yuira are looking eachother...

JOHN: So, Yuira. You still want to torture me? You just have to defeat me... but I think it's going to be very boring, since you're only a little scared puppie...
JOHN: You heard me. In fact, here's a suggestion; don't waste your magic to attack me. You better use it for yourself...
YUIRA: What do you mean?
JOHN: I mean, use it to kill yourself.
YUIRA: What?!
JOHN: Yes, so you can have a quick death... and save yourself from humiliation...

She uses her powder on him...

JOHN: HMPH! You're attacking me with some curry powder?! How shameful!

He sucks the powder and swollows it...

JOHN: *gulp* No, yummy...heheheh

Then, she uses her magic, attacks John repeatedly, but, again, useless...

JOHN: And now you use fireworks?! Tch, I was expecting a good fight, but I guess I'll have to finish with you, now!
YUIRA: I'm *pant* not defeated!

She unleashes her last weapon; the hypnosis...

YUIRA: Look at me, and relax. Soon, you'll be under my control...

Once again, useless. While saying the words, John vanishes, leaving no sign...

YUIRA: Huh? Where are you, garbage?!
JOHN: Behind you, tramp!!!
YUIRA: What a...


He just pushed her and, like a cannon ball, she flew directly to a wall, hitting it hard...


YUIRA: Uhhhhrgh...
JOHN: Hm, and I only 'caressed' you... What a disappointment! Well, I'll give you two options, give up and lemme kill you fast, or resist and have a SLOOOOWWWW death...
YUIRA: I'm Yuira, queen of the Tai'far, and I won't be...
JOHN: OH, CUT THE CRAP, B***!!! You're not queen anywhere!!! You just stoled the throne!! And from your own mother!! HOW DARE YOU CALL YOURSELF QUEEN???? You're nothing but a big show-off! Who do you think you're fooling? Well, not me, for sure! You didn't kill your mother, she wanted it!!
YUIRA: Say what?!
JOHN: That's right! She wanted to be killed by you, because she knew, after you kill her, you'd get over confident, and sooner or later, you'd either succeed, or fail miserably... Guess what happened? YOU FAILED BIG TIME!!!!!!!
YUIRA: ....

She just stands where she is, her eyes points to nowhere, whispering something...

YUIRA: Why, mother... why, mother... why...?
JOHN: Still wondering, huh? Well, there's a way to get some answers...

John gets to Yuira in no time, and grabs her by the neck...

YUIRA: ...huk!...
JOHN: I wonder if you have red blood...
YUIRA: Do it... I don't care, anymore... *sob*
JOHN: So, you're finally crying! These tears feel like acid, don't they? This is the result of years of mistreatments, misery and betrayals. You're releasing all this on these tears... But it's not enough for making me change my mind about killing you... So, you want it fast or slow?
YUIRA: I don't care... Just do it...
JOHN: Fine, it'll be my way... Let the fun begin.

With a move, he throws Yuira up to the ceiling, but he gets there before her and kicks Yuira to the ground, making her lands violently. Pieces of old bricks are spreaded everywhere and a cloud of dust rises, covering Yuira, who's lying on the ground. John grabs her by the hair, lifting her just a few inches above the floor, like a dool...

JOHN: This is getting boring... But I'll play with you a little more...

In the iddle of the dust, Yuira is getting a 'massage'. A VERY painful one...

ABBIE: Cover your eyes, Di. He's not John, for sure.
SAVRIN: I can't take this, anymore! We must do something!!
SUSIE: There's a way... If he uses magic, the wall will disappear.
ZEPHYR: But he can't be that stupid, can he?
JOHN: Now, for the grand finale... some magic!
ZEPHYR: Nevermind...
SUSIE: It's our chance! Are you ready, guys?
SUSIE: Stay put, folks! Savrin, you and the others stay here and cover yourselves! This'll be a little dangerous...
SAVRIN: You can count on me!
SUSIE: OK. We're gonna attack in any time...

John concentrates some energy on his right hand, holding Yuira with the other...

QUVAS: The wall disappeared!

The four Chosen Ones charge against John. He notices it, drops Yuira and stares at the other four...

JOHN: DAMN! How could I made such a stupid mistake?! Oh, well, let's fight!!!

A fight begins, but only sparkles are visible.

ZEPHYR: They're fighting so fast, I can't follow them!
QUVAS: Yeah, this's magnificent! I never saw a fight like that!
ABBIE: But you can't even see the fight!


DIANE: WHOA!! That was a close call!
SAVRIN: They're using magic! That's why Susie told us to cover ourselves! Well, let's do it...

Althought the Chosen Ones are using their maximum powers, they're losing the fight...

JOHN: It's useless! As long as I'm at Viper Form, you'll never defeat me!
JACKIE: Sorry, John!

In a fraction of second, she flashes her hands, bliding John for a while...


Chris appears behind John and hits him on his nape. John falls, slowly regreting to his SP Form...

PAT: Whoa! Got ya!
QUVAS: Lie him down here!
DIANE: John, are you OK? Wake up!
SUSIE: He won't wake up so soon. Chris knocked him real good.
CHRIS: Oh, I stopped him and all I get is 'shame, shame on you'?! Thanks a lot!
SUSIE: heheh...
SAVRIN: Wait, what about Yuira?
YUIRA: ......
JACKIE: She's pretty bad! I'll check her out...
DIANE: No, wait! Don't!
JACKIE: ...You OK?
YUIRA: .... mmmmmmm, uuuuuuuu....
JACKIE: You can't even talk... hold it... this won't hurt ya...

She makes her hands glows and touches Yuira. She starts to glow, and in a few seconds, Yuira is healed...

YUIRA: ...? I'm... alive?
JACKIE: Yep! And without scratches...
YUIRA: I don't understand...Why you helped me? I tortured your friend and I was about to do the same with you!
JACKIE: I don't care what you are! *whispering* Look, I'm not underminding ya, but, you may be evil, and you are, but that doesn't stops me from helping ya. It's my nature, I guess...
YUIRA: ....... thank you.......
JACKIE: Don't mention it. Well, I shouldn't expect anything else from you, now...
YUIRA: Go through that passage. It doesn't have any of my men. It leads directly to the forest... but from now on, don't expect anything else like this from me!
JACKIE: Well, guess I was wrong... Thanks... And I won't expect anything, from now on...
C'mon, guys. Let's go...
ABBIE: What?! Just like that?
JACKIE: Yep. Savrin, help me with John, will ya?
JACKIE: Here, put his arm over yer shoulders...
SAVRIN: He's heavy for a fox!
QUVAS: Are you sure we can trust Yuira?
JACKIE: Yeah... for now. So, let's take the chance, shall we?
ZEPHYR: Fine... but after we're outta here, you and Whitey'll gonna get some!!
PAT(pulling Zephyr's ear): Cut it out, man...
ZEPHYR: Ouch, ow, let go my ear!

In the woods...

ABBIE: I still don't know why Yuira let us go so easely.
PAT: Maybe she just wanted to returns the favor Jackie did... in fact, I bet that was the first time she helped someone in her life.
DIANE: Now, that was weird... Anyway, what about John? Is he really OK?
QUVAS: He's OK. But he won't wake up so soon... He looks very peaceful.
CHRIS: Yeah, pretty different than before, huh?
SAVRIN: I wonder what's he dreaming, now?

Well, his dream involves a Chosen One and a spirit... that's all I can say...

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Postby Zina on Fri Apr 05, 2002 11:14 pm

Is it over? that was a good story! Indeed...^^
I should try my hand at some Furfire fanfiction....after I finish this furfire yaoi fan comic...^^
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Postby John Flaherty on Sat Apr 06, 2002 5:48 am

No, it ain't over yet! I just have to work on another fanfics for Silver, so wait more for the rest, OK?
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Postby John Flaherty on Sun Apr 07, 2002 10:38 am

"John attacking his own friends? Yuira helping her enemies? Zephyr getting pickled? ...Well, I guess our heroes can enjoy some rest... and stay away from anything crazy.

CHRIS: *pant,pant* Please, let's have some rest. I can't walk anymore...
SUSIE: Me must stay away as much as we can from the castle. Let's walk for 5 more minutes, OK?
SAVRIN: Yeah, it's easy for you to say! You're not carring a unconscious fox, who's pretty heavy, by the way!
PAT: Oh, come on, Sav! He's not that heavy! You're a strong... uh... firewolf, or something...
QUVAS: He's a firewolf, a hybrid firewolf...
SUSIE: Chill out, Savrin! Don't mind her, that's just her way...
PAT: What's that supposed to mean?
SUSIE: Well, I...?... Why you all are so distant?
ABBIE, ZEPHYR, DIANE: Oh, no reason!...
QUVAS: Don't worry, guys. John is unconscious, and, if I get this straight, he won't transform to his Viper Form again.
SUSIE: You're right, Chief. He'd lost his temper many times before, but he transformed just two times, at the Rindt Tribe and at the castle.
ABBIE: Maybe so, but I won't take the risk.
CHRIS: Oh, spare me! He won't wake up and rip off your heads, for God's sake!
SAVRIN: Talking about John, he's sleeping well... he's even snoring.
JACKIE: Maybe he's having a nice dream...

Well, let's find out!

JOHN: Ooooohhhhhh, my aching head! Look, folks, I'm sorry Where's everybody? And why is so bright in here?
?(putting his/her hand on John's shoulder): I can answer that...
JOHN: !!!! HYA!!!

*throw!* *bak!*

?: Hey! AAAHHH!!!
JOHN: ??? A female fur?! Oh, sorry, ma'am! I thought it was...
?: ...Yuira, right? Ouchie!
JOHN: Yeah, and... Wait a sec! How'd ya know about Yuira?
?: I saw your fight... I can't believe you were capable of that!
JOHN: Hey, were ya spying us?!
?: Oh, no! I saw it from here!
JOHN: Here? Oh, by the way, where're we?
?: We're inside of Savrin's sword.
?: We're inside of Savrin's sword! I know, it's unbelievable, but it's true. Oh, by the way, my name's **********.
?: Oh, no! I'm not swearing you! That's my real name.
JOHN: Really?! I'm sorry! We didn't started well... Nice to meet ya...uh...What's yer name, again?
?: Why don't you call me by my other name?
JOHN: Oh, OK!....What's yer other name?
KIRA: It's Kira.
JOHN: Ah, more easier! Nice to meet ya, Kira. I'm ...
KIRA: ...John Squall Flaherty, Chosen of Lighting and Thunder, currently dating Jackie Alves, you carry a sword named Mustang, but you prefer to use your own fists, heir of the Rindt Tribe's throne, had a crush on Susie Flanagan, but now you're just friends(very good friends), you're the most powerful of the Chosen Ones, althought you neither show it, nor is proud of it, and you're the only who ever transformed to Viper Form, however, it costed your tribe.
JOHN: ...Ya sure ya ain't spying me?
KIRA: I'm not! It's just that I saw Susie explain your past... I cried a lot while hearing it...
JOHN: I know it's sad, but it happened. And it can't be changed, can it?
KIRA: You're right... but I don't understand how you can talk about it so calmly!
JOHN: Maybe it's me. I have this saying, it's something like that: 'Never...'
JOHN and KIRA: '...forget your mistakes...'
KIRA: '...from the past.' That's a nice saying.
JOHN: I still don't get how ya know all this?
KIRA: That's because I'm a spirit.
JOHN: Oh, OK, that explains everything. Heheh, ya a spirit...........YA A SPIRIT????
KIRA: Yeah, and you're also a spirit.
KIRA: Wait, wait, wait! Ya ain't, I mean, you're not dead! You're just in the Spiritual World. Consequently, you're in Sipirit Form.
JOHN: So, I ain't dead, but now I'm a spirit.
KIRA: That's the ticket.
JOHN: That's something ya never see everyday.
KIRA: Hahah, that's true! You sure are something, Johnny.
JOHN: I am?
KIRA: Yeah. No matter how bad is the situation, you still try to keep the good mood, but not because of the Viper Form, you always wants to keep everyone around you with good mood.
JOHN: Maybe so, but sometimes it's hard...
KIRA: Awww, don't be sad... Hey, I know a great remedy for depression.
JOHN: What's it?

In the real world:

CHRIS: ARGH!! Oh, man! Sitting never felt so good! Now, lemme take off my shoes... Umph! Ahhh, some fresh air...
CHRIS: OK, OK!! Geez!
SAVRIN: Oh, my back! that's how a hernia feels?
PAT: Oh, quit whining! I'll fix your back!
SAVRIN: No, wait! Not like that! Get your knee of my back!


ZEPHYR: Well, you asked for it.
SUSIE: Please, you guys! Stop it! I'm concerned about John.
QUVAS: Why are you worried about him? He's only unconscious, his head is OK, and we're safe, now.
ABBIE: Don't worry about him too much. Besides, he looks so peaceful, like nothing happened.
SUSIE: You're right, guys. Maybe I shouldn't worry too much.
DIANE: We walked for 45 minutes. When is he going to wake up?
JACKIE: I don't know. I guess he'll wake up today, tomorrow, next month, who knows?
SAVRIN: Well, I want he up as fast as possible, 'cause I don't wanna carry him for a month!
ZEPHYR: Maybe ya have to, Savrin. By his look, probably he won't wake up so early...
SAVRIN: Damn! What's he dreaming, anyways?!

Back to Savrin's sword:

KIRA: PHEW!! I...couldn't..take it...anymore!
JOHN: Hahah.... I could use a good ol' laugh... Now, I'm feeling better.
KIRA: I'm happy you're better, Johnny.
JOHN: And I'm happy ya feeling better, too, Kira...
KIRA: Me, feeling better?
JOHN: Don't try to hide it. I know ya saw yer lover on me...
KIRA: !!!
JOHN: I may look stupid, but I ain't stupid. I could feel yer heart, and ya saw yer lover on me... But ya commited the worst thing a spirit could do; fall in love with a mortal. That's why ya here... that was yer punishment.
KIRA: ...
JOHN: Oh, sorry! I didn't mean to upset ya.
KIRA: Oh, you didn't upset me. I was just thinking about Harton...
JOHN: Harton Raver, huh? He was a nice fella. Lemme see...

'Ya were one of the 5 spirits. All of ya had the same punishment; y'all were confined in 5 swords, but for different reasons. Yer reason wasn't like the others, but still it was bad... This Harton fella, he was a brave, but stubborn, warrior and formidable hunter. He was a mercenary, but he only took stealing jobs. The only things he ever killed were wild animals to eat and some monsters... but never furs, humans or furmentials. For some reason, ya were watching him, never took yer eyes from him... one day, he took a mission, a suicide mission. Even knowing the risks, he took it. Ya were worried about his safety, but also confident that he would make it. Both were wrong... he needed to take a rare object from a noble, but he was prepared. The noble prepared an ambush for him. Harton was surrounded by 50 thugs, he was ready for fight, but the thugs were too many for him. He was hurt badly and was ready to be killed, when ya showed up and made all the thugs disappear. Harton saw ya;

HARTON: ...Are guardian angel?
KIRA: Something like that. Oh, by the way, looking for this?

Ya had the object, a little statue, shaped like ya. It was made with gold and the eyes were diamonds. Very beautiful... but Harton's eyes weren't looking at the statue.

HARTON: Thanks...lovely angel...

Heheh, ya were as red as a tomatoe. He couldn't believe in his eyes... He wanted to touch ya, feel ya, smell, ya... But ya only wanted one thing; be with him.

HARTON: You're a spirit, aren't you?
KIRA: ...
HARTON: I'll take it as an yes...
KIRA: I don't have much time here...
HARTON: So, I guess we have to use it well.

He hold yer face kindly and gave ya a kiss. It was his way to say thanks, but ya returned the kiss, this time, it was a kiss with tons of passion. Right away, a new love was born. He wanted to be with ya everytime, and vice-versa. However, there was a stone in yer path; ya couldn't stay in the real world too long. So, Harton made a very radical decision: he decided to commit suicide. When ya heard it, ya entered in despair. Ya knew that if a mortal commit suicide, he was senteced to go straight to Hell. But Harton didn't know it. Ya went to the Real World, trying to warn him... Too late. By the time ya got there, he was already dead. He poisoned himself. Ya hold him in yer arms, crying, but ya were brought to the Spiritual World right away. The Higher Beings were pissed off with ya. They thought ya were the responsible for his death. But four other Gods didn't believe that ya were the responsible. A big discussion took place, and a fight started between the Gods. It took only 40 minutes. Ya and the other four Gods, who were being accused of other crimes, were senteced to the confinement. Ya five gave the other Gods a hard time fighting them, so they decided y'all should be confined in five swords, and each one were sent for different parts of Talla-doon, and y'all were hidden well. The other swords are still hidden, but not for too long. The rest, ya already know...'

JOHN: ... and with all this, ya still is a cheerful spirit. It's ya who's something!
KIRA: Hihih, I guess we're something! Well what are you going to do, now?
JOHN: I don't know... Ya think it's safe for me to wake up?
KIRA: What do you think?
JOHN: ...but I made this question for ya!
KIRA: I know, but the only person who can answer it and other question is you, and you know that.
JOHN: Yeah, but... I thought I was right about transforming to the Viper Form, but I was wrong...
KIRA: Why do you think that?
JOHN: 'Cause I'd just planned to transform and flee from there, and to free my friends, I hadn't planned to harm anyone unnecessarily, but I almost killed Yuira and Inavara, and, if I hadn't been stopped on time, I would've killed my friends!...
KIRA: But you're free and your friends are OK. Inavara was badly injuried, but he'll make it. And Yuira was healed by Javkie, and set you all free... So, everything turned out OK.
JOHN: Maybe, but that just proved that I ain't a born leader.
KIRA: But you're a good friend! That's what counts! You may not be a born leader, but you're there for your friends, and never hesitates in helping a stranger in danger. With all this, being a born leader or not isn't important.
JOHN: ...Ya right... It's just that I was the heir of the Rindt throne. I guess I worried about it too much, and I forgot what really matters... thanks, Kira...

*kiss* (justa lip on the cheek)

KIRA: Uhh, why'd you did that?
JOHN: For being sucha good friend.
KIRA: But we just met a few moments ago!
JOHN: ...and I already consider ya as my friend.
JOHN: WHOA!! Heheh, easy there! ...*cough* Could ya hug me a little less tighter?
KIRA: Hihi, sorry! ... Maybe you should go, now. Your friends are waiting for you.
JOHN: Ya right. I'm going... Thanks, Kira... Ya really had opened my eyes...
KIRA: That's what friends are supposed to do!
JOHN: Heh, ya right, again... Well, goodbye...
KIRA: Goodbye?
JOHN: Yeah. Probably we won't see eachother again...
KIRA: Bohoo, now I'm sad!
JOHN: Oh, wait! Please, don't be sad!
KIRA: Hihi, just kidding!
JOHN: Wha? Ya cheater!
KIRA: Hihihih...
JOHN: ...I'll miss ya badly, Kira.
KIRA: Me, too, Johnny. Goodbye...

Back to the real world. It's night. Everyone is sleeping.

JOHN: .... aaaaa...
JACKIE: ...Hummm,... Who's there?
SUSIE: zzzzzzzz....


JACKIE: Are you sure you're OK?

In the morning:

SAVRIN: So, here's where we split up, huh?
JOHN: Yeah. Now, we must take our own paths.
QUVAS: So, where're you going?
JACKIE: John's planning to get back to Rindt Tribe.
DIANE: What? But I thought...
JOHN: I wanna start a new tribe. It'll have the same name, and it'll be more like a place for travelers to rest. I have many plans for the tribe.
CHRIS: And you, guys?
ZEPHYR: Don't know yet. But don't worry, we'll be alright.
ABBIE: Yeah. Don't worry! We can take care of ourselves! We're the Mighty Ones!
PAT: Hahah! It's good to see y'all in such a good mood!
SUSIE: We must go. Goodbye, guys.
SAVRIN, ZEPHYR, DIANE, ABBIE and QUVAS: Bye. take care, y'all!!
JOHN, JACKIE, CHRIS, PAT and SUSIE: Bye! Pass by our tribe!
JOHN: Oh, Savrin! Ya a luv]cky bastard, ya know?!
SAVRIN: What? Why?
JOHN: 'Cause ya have a very sweet guardian angel!!
SAVRIN: What he meant by....! WAIT! HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT...

Too late... The Chosen Ones disappeared in the fog...

SAVRIN: How he knew about Kira?
ZEPHYR: Maybe we'll never know..."

That was the last chapter of the FF x CO Crossover. Hope y'all liked it!
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Postby The Red Hawk on Tue Apr 09, 2002 8:57 pm

There is only one problem with that story: John could not possibly have gotten into the sword. Since Savrin is the current keeper of the sword, only friends of his that are the same species(firewolves, and possibly humans as well) can be pulled into it.

Other than that, it was a great story.
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Postby John Flaherty on Thu Apr 11, 2002 2:28 pm

My bad, I forgot to put up the explanation...

First, while Savrin was carrying John, the latter was touching Savrin's sword, and since Kira can 'drag' anyone who's touching the sword...
Second, Kira just needed to talk with him, and since he was unconscious...

I hope everyone's satisfied with my explanation. And thanks for the complements! They mean a lot to me!
John Flaherty, the Official Furfire Shonen-ai Matchmaker.
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Postby Zina on Thu Apr 11, 2002 4:44 pm

I agree, it was a great story. But, it still doesn't work; John couldn't be dragged into the sword, even if he was touching it. If I gathered it right, John is a fox. Savrin is the keeper, whether he's touching the sword or no. Only friends of Savrin that are of the same species can entire the sword, firewolves and humans. John isn't either of those. Observe the comic!


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Postby The Red Hawk on Thu Apr 11, 2002 6:58 pm

Awww, Zina beat me to it. I was trying to find that comic so I could post it.
I am a hawk. I am a wizard. And there is one thing you must always remember: NEVER get a wizard angry.
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