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Postby John Flaherty on Mon Mar 18, 2002 10:50 am

It's a little fanfic for FURFIRE. Hope y'all like it(note: it doesn't have any connection with the actual story).

"Watch out! Ow! Get away from her! Behind ya! AAAAAAWWWWW! BASTARD!!! EEEEEK!!!!

A big ol' battle which just four youngster and some monsters could hear. Result: five monsters well-done, two startled boys, one injured firewolf and a girl poisoned. 'What just happened here?' asked Abbie, recovering from the surprise attack. 'How should I know? I still don't believe we're still alive!' says Savrin. 'Speak for yerself!!!'. Zephyr got some wounds, some in the left wing and the worst on his right wing.
'Well, at least, Di is okay... Di?... DI!!!!' She's not that okay... one of the monsters was very poisonous. 'We got to help her!!' ' Get a hold on yourself, Abbie!! I'll get her to some healing place, you help Zephyr. I'll go through this path. We'll meet in the end of it!' But...' 'Wanna speak to your sis again? Grab him and leav her to me!' A relunctant Abbie agreed with Savrin. The firewolf put Di on his arms and flyied through the dusted path. This reminded him when they fell on the well. 'But it's not time to for being sentimental. I must find somewhere quickly!'
Suddenly, he found an inn. Like a thunder, he made his way to the front desk: 'I need a healer!!!'

???: 'Whoa, there, mate! What happened?
Savrin:' ...!'
???: 'Calm down... whoa, as a matter of fact... JACKELINE!!'
Jackie: 'What happe... my god!'
???: 'Take her and give her the medicine right now!'
Jackie: 'Needless to say.'
Savrin: '...she's that bad?'
???: '.....ya kidding, right? If the person is not threated in 15 minutes, s/he'll die. Ya did right to bring her that fast.'
Savrin: 'Oh, almost forgot. my friend is out there, badly injured.'
???: 'Let's see... man! Wait, I'll help ya...'

2 hours late...

Zephyr: 'Thanks, doc.'
???: 'Don't mention it. hold it, I forgot to say my name. I'm John, owner of this inn. That vixen is my wife, Jackeline, but she prefers to be called Jackie.'
Abbie: 'Nice to meet, about my sister...'
Jackie: 'She'll be alright. If it wasn't for Savrin, maybe she wouldn't make it.'
Abbie: 'Oh... Thanks a lot, Savrin.'
Savrin: 'Err, well...'
Zephyr: 'Okay, everyone is fine, now would y'all please take care of the wounded man here?!'
John: 'Calm down, mate. Now, drink this. It'll taste bitter, but will help ya.'
Zephyr: 'Alright, hand it to me... YUCK!!!...
Hey, I'm feeling better!'
John: 'Told ya. This bandages'll heal yer wounds real fast. now, take this keys, the winged ones will be at room 4 and the furs will be at room 5.'
Abbie: 'Wait, we don't have any money.'
John: 'Nonsense. Y'all have been through a lot. Y'all deserve a good ol' night of sleep. Yer sister is already at yer room, Abbie. Let her rest and in the morning she'll be as good as new.'
Abbie: 'I don't know how to thank you.'
John: 'Just accept my hospitality.'
Everyone: 'Thanks. We will.'

3:00 a.m.

'Ummm...'. Di wokes up with Abbie's snore. 'What a... wait, Savrin?' Searched without success. 'I wish he... ummm, nature calling!......... The worst thing about the past is that there isn't toilet paper.' While making her way to her room, she stoped at Savrin 'n Zephyr's room. Leaded by curiosity (she's a cat, for God's sake!), she entered. Right before she entered, almost topped at Savrin's bed. "Whoops! It's Savrin.' She stood there, looking at him sleeping. She noticed how peaceful he looked in his sleep. 'Why I can't take my eyes from him? I know he saved me, but is it enough to make me act like this? Or is it something else?' She even think of love, but forgot right away. 'No, no, no. Must be something else!... But I'm not sure...'

'Awwwn, grumble...'.Di covered her muzzle, stopping her from screaming. 'He turned away... Savrin...'. She was about to leave, but she needed to do something... Turned back, and kissed Savrin on the cheek. 'Too bad I can't tell how you' re feeling roght now'. Curious, ain't ya? Well, Di decided to keep this as her little secret. however, she'll never forget Savrin's face at that night. 'It's like he was with his mother or something.'. In fact, he was dreaming about his mother, the way she looks, her touch, and dreaming they were together again. And with Di's kiss, he felt something he almost forgot: a pure kiss, without second intentions, a way to show a person's love to another one, like a mother do with her son. Sav sleeped in peace, something he didn't do in a long time.

Liked my story? Hope I didn't pushed too hard.

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