Night Dance

Postby Silverfox_R on Mon Nov 05, 2001 9:51 am

Abbie fell on the floor - monentary winded
'ohhh you're gonna pay for that'
'you have to catch me first! - hehe'
The coyote fur lauged across the room to try and catch Diane off her guard - the cat yelped and tried to dodge - but instead got hit by abbie's failing pillow!
'got ya!!' abbie smiked - only to get his head whacked by Diane's pillow
'who got who - Abbalion Mai'lar - hehe' - the young feline fur proseded to pound her brother mericslly with the pillow
'ah!! ok ok!! i give!!' Abbie tried to stop the failing pillow with his arm
'what is going on here!!!'
the two furs instealy stopped there pillow fight 'nothing, you can see that for yourself'
abbie tried to look innocent - a few stray feathers sitting in his brown hair
Nigoril muttered 'then how do you explain all the feathers - or were you having a midnight feast' the Angel-human leant against the doorway and crossed his arms -glaring at the two furs
'we were just letting off some energy= we aint stayed at an inn for a long time!' Di put on her 'little lost kitten' look
Nigoril laughed 'All right! i guess we have been on the road for a long time - just make sure you clean up the mess - i dont think the innkeeper wants feathers everywhere'
'Oh well just tell em you were shadding' Abbie grinned
The Angel-human smirked - grabbed a nearby pillow and whacked Abbie over the head 'whos sheadding!- hhehe'
and the fight restarted again - it would have continued - if the innkeeper a burly old goat fur hadnt knocked on the door 'OI keep it down in there! i do have other guests staying here'
' Sorry!' Diane yelled back - with a blanket tangled around her head making her look like somesort of abrianian princess - once the keeper was gone - the three of them fell into an unctrollerable fit of giggles
'oh dear - hehe, we better clean up this mess - or else we well get kicked out' abbie grinned and started remaking the beds - while Nigoril cleaned up the excess feathers
'anything i can do' di was untangling the blanket off her head
'actually you can go check on Savrin and Zephyr - i dont think they are happy with there sleeping accomaditions as we are'Abbie Sugguested -
'i dont think Zephyr is ever happy ' Nigoril grinned 'i have never seen him smile!'
'if he ever does - run!' Abbie smirked
Diane made her way accross the road from the Inn to an barn where the animals that belonged to travellers were stabled for the night - a hoofera looked up from it grazing and 'mooohraed' at her - it was used to furs - properly cause it owner was one -
there was a second level above the main stable where hay and other food was kept - a wooden ladder was by the side of it - Di climbed slightly up the ladder - her thief training still served her well - in being quiet , she paused at the top of the ladder allowing her eyes to get used to the darkness there was no light in the barn - only light came from the lights of the inn from the open doors - she slighten reached out in the darkness and felt something warm and soft and... feathery
'thats my wing your touching there - little kitty!'
Di almost fell off the ladder with a start - Zephyr was lying right next to the ladder - and in the darkness she hadnt even seen him
'move you big ofuah! so i can get off this thing'
'did the little kitty get scared in the dark - by my wings - hehe' the firewolf grinned in the darkness
'knock it off Zephyr - let her up' Savrin's familar voice sounded from the back of the roof - Di couldnt see him at all! - she felt something move in front of her - and guessed zephyr had moved postion - suddently the room was lit by a small small glow - a fire glow - Savrin had created a small fireball of light in his hand - which he held gently he couldnt move his arm cause of all the flamable hay lying around so he kept the dancing light of flame in his hand - Di knew it wouldnt hurt him - Savrin was half furmential - a creature of the elements - fire was his doemain it wouldnt hurt him...
'Oi little kitty - did you come up here for a reason or just to come poking at me in th night'!
'Actually i came to check on you on reqeust of abbie - to see how you like your lodging' the fur grinned
'our lodgings are a stinky hay loft! and you two furs and the angel get a inn - not fair!
' well you think they would let two firewolves stay at an estblished place - i am supriesed they let Nigoril stay as well'
Savrin grinned still gently cradling the little flame light
Zephyr huffed! 'still not fair - anyways little kitty you better go back to your comfy inn!!' the firewolf went over to the far corner - and unfurled one of his wings around him like a cloak 'douse the light - sav - i want to sleep'
'you better go - di - hes in one of his moods, i,ll see ya in the morning' Savrin sighed
'ni ni Savrin - Good night Zephyr!' the firewolf just huffed - his face partly hideb by his wing
Di shurgged and slide down the ladder - an old trick her father taught her it was still fun to do - as she made her way out of the barn - the light from the small fire flickered and the barn went into darkness once again - nonone would have known there were two firewolves sleeping in the top level
(to be continued)
well do more - i just have run out off time <IMG SRC=""><p>[This message has been edited by Silverfox_R (edited 11-05-2001).]
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Postby Starpaw on Tue Nov 06, 2001 5:00 am

coolies! more more!<P>I like your style of writting!<P>------------------
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Postby Silverfox_R on Tue Dec 18, 2001 10:22 am

di made her way back to the inn - there was a few other houses along the road - but they to were also dark - it was more of a trading post then a town , as the main building was the inn, she could hear some meeriment coming from the bar that usally was next to the inn -to bad she was to young to drink ale! - a snap intuppeted her thoughts - it had come from the scrubbery around the inn - it properly was a creature of some sort - to small to be a crystal beast - the kind that they hunted for the starlight opals - Diane moved again to the door - this time - the snap sounded several times - 'whos there!' she jumped a little at the sound of her own voice - but no answer - just the light of the latern overhanging the sign of the inn and the empty road , maybe it was Zephyr playing a trick on her? No... the barn was dark and no sign of movement - snap - snap - there was deiffentaly something out there!!
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Postby Silverfox_R on Tue Mar 19, 2002 9:31 pm

about time i got back into this (usually i have to be in the mood to write it) - buts heres more of 'Night Dance'

Diane nearly jumped backwards in fright- as the 'unseen' intruder came forward from the bushs - it was a viev, the little creatures with the top-notchs of fur and flipper-like paws this one was blue-green - Diane sighed etting all worked up over a Viev! she had to learn not to get so worried all the time
'you scared me little fella! - why dont you go back home now?'
The Viev just titled its long neck at her
'i'am losing it' the cat thought to herself 'i'am talking to a viev...never mind'
she grinned to herself thru half closed eyes - and turned to head back to the inn
she looked up - the Viev had moved it was now in front of her - blocking her path to the inn - but she hadnt seen it move??
prehaps its was somebody's pet - it wasnt uncommon for wild vievs to be trained into being pets - Di just wanted to go have a clean and jump into a cosy bed instead of sleeping of ground for a change, so she continued walking on to the inn
This time Di was more startled - the Viev had moved - this time it was right in front of her - it looked wried this little blue-green creature sitting in the darkness of the path the only light coming from the windows of the inn - but she had just passed it - how was the Viev moving so fast - and even odder was it looked like it had made no effort moving as it was still sitting down - this was getting to creepy...
The Viev had moved again - but she hadnt seen it move! this time it was right in front of her - ok this was starting to creep her out!!
The fur stumbled backwards - and tripped over her own tail falling down on the path with a whince - that hurt! - insteally the Viev was on her!!
Di was taken a back - these little creatures were harmless why was this one attacking her - it had a bite grip on her paw - but she grabbed it but its neck and flung it down the path - it landed on its four paws like a mini tiger - and coming running back again and pounced - but Di had gotten back up again by now - and she kicked out at it -sending it flying again - again it landed and come running back!
Diane was scared but she knew there was no point worrinng - the Viev was behaving the way no View should behave - she dodged the next run-attack - and ran to the closest place the barn..
Savrin was dozing - he had almost fallen asleep when he's wolf ears picked up noises from outside the barn - Savrin tried to block em out - he was tried and exhausted - but his hearing wouldnt let him - at times Savrin wished that due to his human heritage that he had gotton human ears instead of wolf ears - but no! he ended up getting skin instead of fur! - the bangings at the barn door continued - finally coming open - as Di come running into the barn - savrin half asleep peared off the barn-loft edge - 'whatsup...' he sounded like a zombie ' Di?
'Savrin!... Viev...mad....attack' Di was panting for breath
Savrin paused for a minute - then saw what di was reffering to - in the open barn door - the charging Viev - it would have looked comicly this little creature charging at the barn door - but there was something odd about it - its eyes were complety white and it was drooling!!
Di slamed the door shut - just before the viev struck - there was a sound of a large bang and a very annoyed 'VIVI!!'
Zephyr came awake with a start - and propamtly banged his head on the roof of the low roof of the hay loft - that was the disaventage of being the tallest member of the group - Savrin turned just in time to see Zephyr fall backwards - having knocked himself out
'What was that?' di had slid a box in front of the barn door
'Zephyr! - he knocked himself out - hang out i'am coming down'
Savrin crept over to the ladder - and half slid half climbed down it- first thing he noticed was di's paw was covered in blood
'Di!! your bleeding!
'it was from that mad viev - its not to bad'
'bad or not!! that wound needs treatment!!'
the Viev utside had all this time - had being slaming its body against the barn door - the little creature was covered in blood and scratchs it looked more like a wild eyed demon now - but it contined its onslaute
'i have never Viev behave like this..' Di shuddered
'i dont think thats a viev - Diane? its something else - using the body of a viev..'
The Fur and The Hybrid were trapped - all they could hear was the banging and yelps from outside as the creature or what ever it was tried to get at them...
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Postby John Flaherty on Wed Mar 20, 2002 9:16 am

Whoa, didn't saw that coming!!! Well done, Silver. I couldn't do better! In fact, this story was my real reason to start writing fanfics. Keep going!
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Postby Silverfox_R on Sat Apr 06, 2002 6:58 am

If anyone would have passing by at that moment along the darkened road next to a simple inn - lit by the light of Talla'doon's twin moons - The sight of a blue-green furry Viev slaming its body against the locked double doors of a barn would have seemed odd? - but the added contrast of the blood-stained fur and the white eyes made the image more terrifing!
Diane and Savrin were in a fix, neither of them were really sure what to do! - Di was only just now starting to feel the pain in her paw which was still bleeding - Savrin was still staring at the door which buckled inwards everytime the viev slammed against it - they were alone - except for the unciouns firewolf in the loft who was stupid enough to knock himself out!
'It can't keep that up forever! - sooner or later something well give'
Savrin gritted his teeth
'What? the Viev or the door?'
'This is not a joking matter! Diane!!'
'hey!! don't yell at me - wingboy!!'
'i thought you promised you wern't gonna call me that! anymore!!!'
'Welll sorrry! - i'am kinda of in alot of pain at the moment'
'WhY!!.....Look!! yelling at each other isnt gonna do anything - we have to get out of the barn or do something?'
'ya! but what!!'
at that momnt a loud 'VIVI!!' broke the argument - as the door jammed inwards again...then stopped
both Savrin and Diane looked at the door - di decided to take a chance and peer our the crack between the two doors - that had been driven apart slightly due the banging - she felt Savrin's wing brash against her back - so she figured he was also trying to see - from over top of her head
The Viev was lying a short distance from the door in the open ground area near the entrance of the barn its fur was matterd by blood, and it was covered in rips caused by the constant banging - its tail was hanging at loopsided angle - so it looked like it was broken - its chest was still moving up and down - very fast
'its still alive' the fur whispered mainly to herself - she made a move to unlock the door - but Savrin's hand stopped her
'wait.. remember what i said that it was impossible for a viev to attack like that!'
'Savrin! look at it - the poor thing is dying its not gonna hurt us anymore'
'its not the Viev i'am worried about...'
but hes words fell on deaf ears - cause di was already forcing the doors open - they wenrnt supposed to be at such a harsh inward angle - the doors came open and she walked out into the yard
'Diane!!' Savrin gave a harsh whisper! - but the fur was heading for the Viev
the viev lay on the ground - its chest heaving - Diane actually felt sorry for the little creature - it no longer had teh bloodlust look in its eyes or was drooling - she knelt down and genetly stroked it - the Viev just gave a weak 'vivi.' and didnt even lift its long-neck - Di knew then that there was no way the little creature had attacked by itself something else had forced it to attack.. but what???
Savrin's yell alerted her back to reality - as a pure black shadow came out from nowwhere and sidewiped at her - The Fur threw herself over the injured viev and felt a burning wind - sing the fur on the back of her neck - she looked up just in time to see the shadow like creature vanish into thin air
'What the heck was that!!'
'That was ever what was controlling the Viev! - i was right!'
'But what was it!!'
'I have no idea - but i think we're gonna find out!'
(to be continued :grin:)
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