The End! AT LAST!

The End! AT LAST!

Postby SuperJoe on Tue Nov 02, 2004 11:36 pm

Oh sorry. Did that ending seem shitty and totally forced? Well guess what, it was!
But then again so was the entire storyline. Ho ho ho! Fuck you guys, I don't need approval.
Anyhow come back next week for more of the same hackney comics that suck hard. But this time with maybe some jokes! Maybe.
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Postby MisterIrony on Mon Nov 08, 2004 3:28 pm

God! Shut up! It was good!
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Postby Ccelizic on Mon Nov 08, 2004 11:36 pm

Needs more salt.

But otherwise it was good. But uhhh no joe, I don't swing that way, nor do I copulate with strange men on the first date. So there!
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Postby NotoriousMEQ on Thu Nov 11, 2004 4:10 am

That was my favorite storyline yet! And not just because Susan was in it!
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