Postby IceMania on Wed May 02, 2001 12:34 am

Urk the time has com I wish wouldn't have come.
I'm ending Icelandic Mania.<P>The big reason is
No time to draw a daily, semi weekly or weekly comic.
When I started I thought I would have plenty of time and was really excited to start, but then there came scanner problem and I had to bring up my backup plan, stickfigure Tinn, Joe and Tum.
That was getting started when a not so welcome teacher strike came that was for two and half month, I had to study like mad and no time to draw much comic, and there came many program errors with my ftp program.
Now there have come up some situations I don't wish to speak of, but it is eating much of my time.
I am though going to keep doing the Ru'u stories, writing stories and puplish them on the net. I'm waiting for the webmaster of the web server to open a webspace for me so I can move my Ru'u stories over there.
I also signed up for a space becouse I have number of illustration I have done over the years of my characters and creatures I have created and want to show others.
So I have time to write stories and making illustrations but not comic?<P>The answer is yes.
it is quite different to draw a comic than illustration or a profile picture, also I normally sit down in front of the computer and start to write when I'm taking brake from studying.<P>If I see that I might have more time, I shall maybe return with Icelandic Mania.<P>I still answer with the same e-mail and <P>I answer faster with the latter one. <P>I shall not have it further, the there will not be a comic on friday, but I will keep up the old archive so people can see the stick figure comics...<P>IceMania<P>------------------
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Postby TimberBram on Thu May 03, 2001 11:37 am

Oh well. Sorry to hear that, Askre. Hope things settle down for you soon.<P>Peace,
Tim Bram.
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