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PostPosted: Mon Jul 29, 2002 7:46 am
by Andrick
*just manages getting up to brush himself off when a weeping Scix gloms onto him*

Uh, nice to see you too, Scix. Hey! Are you...? No don't! ... Aw, that was silk. Just... just hold on a second...

*reaqches an arm back into his backpack to produce a white hanky which he puts up to Scix's nose*


*Scix obliges and the hanky quickly fills. Looking queasy all of a sudden, Andrick continues to comfort Scix while he tosses the hanky over his shoulder for the next poster to deal with*

PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2002 10:17 pm
by Captain apathy
*grabs the hanky out of the air*


*quick-clones scix and passes the clone off to the next poster for various nefarious uses*

PostPosted: Wed Jul 31, 2002 11:21 pm
by PDI

Why, it's ME!

*Dances with clone*


*falls down*

*orders a cup of tea from the next poster*

PostPosted: Fri Aug 02, 2002 9:21 pm
by BloodEye
*bleeds quietly*
*takes the order anyway*

And how would you like that tea? Earl gray, hot? Yessir.

*yells to the next poster*

One Picard Special, table three!

PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2002 12:16 am
by Captain apathy
*Looks puzzled*

But where will i get commander riker in a harness and jockstrap on such short notice

*asks next poster to find the reason why he (cappy) sees innuendo in everything*

PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2002 4:46 pm
by Andrick
Um... Because you're a perv?

*Asks the next poster to do something about all the blood being tracked through the forum*

PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2002 6:32 pm
by BloodEye
*blinks slowly*

Oh... yeah... sorry, my bad....

*passes out on some old towels, leaves a mop and bucket for the next poster*

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2002 8:56 am
by PDI
*cleans the mess, grumbling about how it isn't his job*

*lobs a water balloon at the next poster*

PostPosted: Thu Aug 08, 2002 8:23 am
by Calinmoon
*catches egg*

So, is crazy a method of flirtation? *poke, poke*

PostPosted: Sun Sep 01, 2002 7:34 pm
by Falen
*wanders into the forum and is poked by calinmoon.*

*Eeps, then pokes back*

*leaves a plate of brownies for the next poster (or whomever wrestles it away from the next poster) and wanders out again*

PostPosted: Mon Sep 02, 2002 11:48 am
by Captain apathy
*finds the brownies and decides to scarf them all*

*realizes they were "special" brownies and gets the munchies*

*starts to eat the shirt of the next poster*

PostPosted: Tue Sep 03, 2002 11:30 pm
by PDI

*is shirtless*

Now my manly beauty will stun the next poster into submission!

Oh no

PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2002 1:09 am
by Aikuchi
**blink blink**

------> (( stunned into submission )) --------


PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2002 7:41 am
by PDI
*catches Yinn*

*uses Yinn for nefarious porpoises*

*passes Yinn to the next poster*

PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2002 9:34 pm
by Captain apathy
*tosses yinn to bloodeye, who could use some cheering up*

*while the tossage occurs, I slip a disk in my back causing me to collapse on the next poster's favorite pet*

PostPosted: Sat Sep 07, 2002 7:56 pm
by BloodEye
*oofs softly, shifts around to use Yinn as a blanket. because really, people do make the best blankets.*

Ack! Kit Kat (my rather large cat.), no!! Put the Captain down, I'm sure it was just an accident.

*inquires of the next poster*

Would you happen to have anything to feed Kit Kat? He gets grumpy when he's hungry. And don't worry, he's prefectly friendly, so long as you cater to his every desire....

PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2002 7:21 am
by Andrick
Feed Kit Kat?

*scratches his head as he stares down at the peanut-butter and bacon sandwich in his hands*

Y'know there's some cherry pie on the ground over... there. *pointing in the vicinity of the next poster*

PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2002 7:49 am
by PDI
*looks around*
*sees no pie*
*sees Kit Kat approaching*

*runs, straight intot he next poster*

PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2002 8:49 am
by Captain apathy
*is smacked into by scix*

*sees the huge cat lumbering towards them*

*picks the pocket of the next poster to buy a huge ball of catnip*

PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2002 11:23 am
by Elliot N. Golunda
*Goes to pay for gratuitously large coffee, discovers wallet is missing.*

*Turning around to look for it, sees enormous cat approaching*

*pulls catnip toy (just happened to have one!) out of pocket*

Here kitty, kitty, look what I've got!

*teases cat to get its attention, then tosses toy to next poster*