How to RP and Intro to the Institute [RP]

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How to RP and Intro to the Institute [RP]

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*g* One of the fun things coming soon. For now, let one of us start one. Later, when I think we've all got the hang of it, we'll open it up to anyone.

Anyone can participate. A thread will appear with a catchy title and [RP] (for Role-Play) following it. This is a Role-Play thread.

Anything posted in an RP thread is assumed to be In Character. If comments are required out-of-character, please note them with OOC.

The originator of the thread is the GM, and makes final decisions and tells people what's going on.

Post actions as well as words. If your actions affect another player, post it as an <i>attempt</i> -- it may not work, either because of the other character's defences or the GM's intervention.

PDI Role-Play is going to be more fun than anything else, so relax and have a good time. To start us off, I think we should do a test run in this thread. Everything after the line is an [RP] thead.


((OOC)) My first RP thread! How exciting! Play nice kids! ((/OOC))

*The Woofaboomus steps into the Hall as the new arrivals make themselves comfortable in rows of folding chairs. When they have settled in a bit (though some late arrivals are likely), he speaks*

"Greetings, new students and faculty at the Psychic Dyslexia Institute! I am the Woofaboomus, I am the acting Dean of Students this term. I'd like to welcome you all and help you make your arrival as comfortable as possible. You'll find refreshments at the back of the room, coffee, TimTams, the like. Please help yourselves. Before I begin, I'd like the new arrivals who are already here to introduce themselves."

((OOC: This is where each of you enter, sit, listen and introduce yourselves. Go on, it's easy))

((OOC: I accidentally deleted the thread I think, sorry! Story to date: I am Acting Dean of Students, Talbon's an RA, there are four houses (each residing on a different floor of the dorm): The Primes, The Wendigos, The Atlans, and the Expatriots. There are new threads for each of these, posted by the head of each house (I'm Prime). In this thread, the members and staff are now mingling in character, and choosing their house. ))

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This thread is now locked. All RP threads must now continue at the new forum site,

Thank you, and I apologize for any inconvenience.