You people frighten me...

Postby Acheron on Mon Jan 08, 2001 10:23 am

I got into the comic a short while back(thank Tony, I met him briefly on FurryMUCK [under this name] and he's a walking advertisement). And I like it, I liked the story from the beginning, and the art is getting better all the time(not that I'd criticise it even at the beginning; I've seen far, far worse, and can do so yet more by picking up a pencil).<P>But just based on a quick peek throughout the forum here...<P>...whoa. <IMG SRC=""><P>I'll try to catch up later tonight, but for two reasons this isn't an option now...<P>A) I have to go to class really soon.
B) Some of the stuff I found suggests that I should, perhaps, not be here in the middle of a public computer lab at school. <IMG SRC=""><P>Anyway, hello all, I might become a regular poster or I might just lurk and read the comic, but either way, I'll be around.<P>-B<P>------------------
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Postby Talbon on Mon Jan 08, 2001 11:37 am

Great! Hi Acheron, sorry again about that sudden disconnect. My ISP crapped out on me. <P>*grin* Really glad your enjoying it, Scott is writing a really good plot and yeah. The art is improving, thank goodness!<P><P>------------------
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Postby PDI on Wed Jan 17, 2001 3:49 am

...the more the furrier!<P>
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