*dusts off the forum a bit*

*dusts off the forum a bit*

Postby Dusk on Thu Jun 13, 2002 11:05 am

Just wondering if there any word on whats going on with Hell Sweet Hell and the Artist?

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yo yO YO!

Postby Pyromancy on Fri Jun 21, 2002 3:05 pm

I know a little something about the comic and the artist. Thanks for your concern. HSH is coming back soon. I don't want to say too much but things will change at least a little.


That is all.

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Postby Orenda SilverCougar on Mon Aug 12, 2002 9:40 pm

*tail waves*

Wooo =) Glad it's coming back! Always nice to see what my tenents are up to (sorry inside joke.. erm maybe i'll explain it!)

*hugs* weee
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