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Postby DukeNuke on Mon Aug 06, 2001 10:33 am

For the sake of getting SOMEONE to post up here, I'll copy of Jackie's Fridge (I'm good at copying.) and make up a bio.<P><B>Board Name:</B> DukeNuke (call me Duke)<P><B>Real Name: {optional)</B> Matthew Cavalier<P><B>Where are you from?</B> Baltimore, Maryland<P><B>What do you do?</B> I spend most of my days in a jail called High School, where I have to do about 15 school papers per year.<P><B>How did you find "The Nolans"?</B> From Josh's Pok
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Postby EmperMaxis on Tue Aug 07, 2001 6:36 am

Hey, I'm only happy to oblige in keeping up conversation.<P>Board Name: EmperMaxis (no, not Emperor, just Emper)<P>Real Name: Another Matt. What a freaky coincidence!<P>Where are you from? Sunny Florida, home of questionable ballots and INS rampages.<P>What do you do? Develop fleeting crushes on celebrities. Oh! And school. I'll be a Junior this year... and actually have to start spying colleges. Yech!<P>How did you find "The Nolans"? Ditto here. I linked over from ye olde gym and got hooked.<P>What do you like best about "The Nolans"? The situations. How many other cartoon characters go through international vacations, alien abductions, and toy robot attacks weeks apart and still have time for the occassional touchy-feely (though not too sappy) morals? I'm waiting for "Joshie on Mars" or "Joshie at the Kremlin".<P>What don't you like about "The Nolans"? Heck, I can't complain! My favorite characters (Naomi and Spike) only show up occassionally, but then again they're just supporting characters.<p>[This message has been edited by EmperMaxis (edited 08-07-2001).]
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Postby RobertBlake on Fri Sep 28, 2001 10:12 am

<B>Board Name:</B> RobertBlake(but you can call me Rob, Robert, or Supreme Being) <IMG SRC=""><P><B>Real Name:</B> {optional) Robert Blake <P><B>Where are you from?</B> Tennessee<P><B>What do you do?</B> I'm the cartoonist for the Fergo and Enrique comic strip. I also do some illustration.<P><B>How did you find "The Nolans"?</B> I started reading the strip when Josn was the featured cartoonist at the now defunct
I think he was the last one to be featured.<P><B>What do you like best about "The Nolans"?</B> Great artwork for one thing. And the writing is great, the characters' personalities seem to jump right off the page and they are easy to relate to.<P><B>What don't you like about "The Nolans"?</B> Josh, why aren't you in the newspapers or on Keenspot? It's more than good enough for either.<P>------------------
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