QUALITY CHECK: Is Framed still rockin' your socks?

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Oh yeah! Kudos in the art department, too! Definitely improving.

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Post by Shleb »

Frank you've always rocked my socks baby! ;) But I must say this, I can sum it all up in one word....notdamonk! :D Ok so I'm just teasing. But I do like what you've done with the strip. I always get my daily dose of funny reading Framed! I like how you've returned to some of your more hairbrained strip layouts. Those comics have always been some of my favorites. So basically yeah I still LOVE AND ADORE Framed!

As to having your children...sorry darlin but I'm afraid that would be a problem considering my best friend would soon kill me and your love child. Now of course if you AND megs were to ask ;) Love ya boyo!


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Post by Stinkywigfiddle »

Sadly, I have been lacking in the reading of online comics. Now that I check on FRAMED!!! again, I am greatly confused.
It still looks great though. I should get busy catching up again.

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Post by EvilBroccoli »

I'm a young'n, and I think it is one of the cooler comics on the web. Hello again! Hi meghan!
I especially like the comic now...THE WORLD MUST KNOW!!!!

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Post by JesIdres »

Fer crissake, Frankie, you honestly are the standard that I judge all others from. Your wittyness, wonderful art, and ability to warp reality has been the guiding light of the few good strips of keen. Frank, we salute you. That, I like the red dress. It's just...so spiffy! You, of course, cause me quite a bit of pain when I realize using my own standards I am nowhere near your abilities. And thus, I cry, and sit on the pyschiatric couch.

uh...yeah. so where's my twenty?

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Post by Aeire »

Framed, as always, is fascinating. ...especially today's strip. O.o
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Post by Yoshivana »

I'm new to framed! but i did read ALL the archivesin about a week so now i feel so lost not being able to see the marooned ones whenever i want...but hey suspense is good too...i guess :lol: cant wait to see what happens now...one question is allisteve still aillisteve or did she revert to her allion-ness so as not to have the little bald aussie star loving man go oprea monkey?

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Post by K-Dawg »

It's been 2 years from when I last posted in here and it still rocks my socks!!
Eventually it will update normally again, until then I'm sure all us fans can wait. :D

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Post by [AOD] »

Framed always, and shall evermore be my source of guidance and light in life.

Or something.

But yes. It is still excellent, even though you're not updating normally. I understand that you're very busy with real life. It's always more important than a time-consuming and expensive hobby that's done for free for random people on the internet.


Long live Framed, in all its incarnations!

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Post by Liska_rial_Eman »

I love framed! no matter what incarnation it may take, but for a while there I really did miss the silliness that you had going before the noir storyline.... i must admit though, as soon as derek became a mime, i've been laughing a lot more than i have in a while... good to see you updating again! keep up the awesome work! :-D