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Game Development Party

Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 10:28 am
by Dreamaniaccomic
It's officially post-christmas, so time to start figuring out when we're going to have this little get-together.

My birthday is coming in THREE DAYS. As such, my 'Friend Party' can be on any date I choose, and comes with the added advantages of catering and total abscence of disturbances for chores and such. I had the idea that we could have our game-development party on this date. Everyone would come over to my place and we would spend the day working on the game as a group, consulting with each other and brainstorming face-to-face. Oh, and as for gifts, the work everyone's decided to put into the game is more than enough, so don't worry about it.

Since we can have this party whenever, and because I'd love to set up my basement as a development lab, consider my house and time completely available.

However, I'm probably going to have to join the rest of my family on a skiing trip this coming weekend, so I might not be able to rig up the party then.

Post your thoughts, schedules, and arguments on this matter, please!

Re: Game Development Party

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2009 1:37 pm
by IceBug
I'm down just about whenever. But, we should shoot for sometime soon, lest I get spontaneously buried by IB. Because, come school time, I've got to hustle on the grades, so I can go to DU and do the real thing. Thus, busting this game out by May becomes expontentially more difficult if we don't come up with a solid plan by March (aka CSAP and break so I don't really have to worry about school month).