Love Love Love~

A forum where readers of the Leaf Diaries webcomic and I can discuss anything about the comic, hang out with fellow readers, and post important updates as needed.
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Love Love Love~

Post by Vishia »

I love Leaf Diaries. ;D
Really, I bookmarked it and visit four times every week..
(Even though it's only updated on two days. xD)
Anyways! I love May and Leaf the most.
Leaf is my favourite 'cause he reminds me of me a bit. xD
Oh, but anyways! I'm looking forward to more updates..
And this comic is the only reason I got myself a comic here on ComicGenesis.
Thanks for being such an inspiration, Kim-Kun! ^__^;;'

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Re: Love Love Love~

Post by Leafdiaries »

Aw crap, this is a really late reply! Sorry 'bout that, I sort of forgot about my forum here ^^;
Anyways... Thanks a lot. Yeah, I know twice a week schedule's not a lot, and I've been thinking a lot about extending that to three times a week (or something like that) but I didn't want to promise something and then run out of comics. That would be bad~ hehehe
Well, I'm glad you enjoy my comics so much. It's people like you that make me want to draw comics even more!

Thanks ^^
"I just want to draw cartoons all day. Just stay in my room and draw to my heart's content. Instead I'm stuck here in a classroom learning academics. LIFE SUCKS."

Leaf Diaries:

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