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Postby The Fox on Tue Mar 03, 2009 3:45 pm

*A warm breeze lifts in the air, the green corn field is lush and smells sweet. Fox has been stalking his prey for quite sometime. A little blond child around age 9 plays with a ball in a clearing amongst the corn. Fox raises his hips, preparing to pounce.*
(People watching will notice a Black humanoid fox playing with a ball in a clearing in a corn field. No child is there, he is playing by himself. He acts as if there is a small child with him though, and interacts with thin air. His voice changes to emit the sounds of the child. coloured with "this".)

"HAHA! I've got you! :twisted: "

Fox yells as he pounces towards the child. The child screams:

"AAAHHHHH! NO! hahahahaha! XD "

*The boy chuckles as Fox playfully bounds upon the small child, he begins batting the ball in front of the child with a large grin spread wide across his face. Fox laughs in return.*

"Ok. This time you've got to get the ball from me."

(People will notice Fox beginning to get up and start towards the edge of the clearing.)
*Fox begins to leave as the child starts to count to 10*
he he he he... Let the games begin...

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Postby vennificus on Tue Mar 03, 2009 8:21 pm

((personally I find the opening weak, the title uncreative, and a character choice that has been chosen by too many people simply because they think it is "cool."

You've established a setting, which is enough to START a story, but what does this have to do with DLiTL? IF it does has something to do with DLiTL, you've made no indication, and no real Place for someone to come in and advance the story. Unless you're trying to play second-side player, or you expect the child to die by a large explosion of gargantuan proportions, There's no position for someone to join in. Espescially not, say.... a Lich, faunish-elf, or one of the many other characters I have in reserve to appear, because no one has taken the protagonist seat. Give me something more to go with and I'll join you))
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Postby Yubi Shines on Tue Mar 03, 2009 11:11 pm

I'm not opposed to roleplay threads, but since this is a forum for a roleplay comic, not a text-RP-centric forum, and furthermore the thread is not in the setting presented in DLiTL, I'm going to have to lock it. There's already the Q/A thread for interacting with the cast, if you're interested.

Yes, I've read your sig, but you do have to comply with the guidelines of a forum regardless.
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