The planet of Tutom

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The planet of Tutom

Postby Goldencrystals on Sun Mar 23, 2008 5:37 pm

Tutom - (TUH-toom)
Countries: There are 9 established countries on Tutom: Dahl, DarRikit, Dert, Jungsan, Latya, Skatica, Syde, Tidle, and Zypher.

Landmarks: There is only one ocean on Tutom. The Belt Ocean separates the two continents. (North to south) Zypher, Jungsan, Latya, Dhal, Tidle is on one and Skatica, DarRikit, Dert are on the other. Between DarRikit and Jungsan and some of Latya are a string of islands that are the Sydic islands.
    The tallest mountain in the world is in DarRikit (24, 987 ft - 7,616 m), the largest desert is in Jungsan (over 6,000,000 square miles - 15,539,928.7 km²), the largest fresh water lake is in Tidle (31,820 square miles - 82,413 km²)

Crystals: Crystals are said to be a gift from the gods. They supposedly allow direct communication between the crystal bearer and the god of their land. The crystals also allow the bearer to wield a power that is favored by their god.
    God(dess) of Jungsan: Beastial form of a Dragon
    God(dess) of Latya: 'Listening' to plant life
    God(dess) of Tidle: Beatial form of a Mer-fain
    God(dess) of DarRikit: Bestial form of a Bear, Lightning
    God(dess) of Skatica: Manipulation over human forms
    God(dess) of Dert: Outstanding strength
    God(dess) of Zypher: Wind
    Long ago, when dominant civilizations began to establish themselves, the crystal was seen as a mark of power, and a privilege. In many countries, the power that ruled instated a law saying that only those with power could possess crystals. If you were loyal to your ruler you plucked your crystals out by choice, or had it ripped out by authorities. Thus all but a select few in every given country were crystal-bearers, they became known as Royals.

    But not all people took out their crystals; some went into hiding and kept their god-given right to manipulate their surroundings. They came to be known as Rebels. The amount of ‘legal’ crystal-bearers varies from country to country.

    A phenomenon occurred across the planet: ‘miracles’ no longer occurred regularly, prayers were answered less frequently, and the people began to wonder what had happened.

Gods: Gods of Tutom are sexless, bodiless, and nameless. They are void of anything that might bind them with the exception of the crystals their people have.
    There was one god, however, that was bound to a name. The goddess of Syde was banished from the heavens because she had fallen in love with one of her people. She was called ‘Grace’ and imprisoned in a body for the rest of her immortal life. She is the only god that has a sex, a body and a name, but no power.
    Each god has their favored people, but only one god gave a gift to all of Tutom’s people. The god of Skatica gave the gift of humanity to all the crystal-bearing beasts of the planet, allowing them to shift from a human state to their bestial forms. There is a different theory to this gift saying that it was actually Grace who gave this gift, as she is the goddess of the Sydic Monsters who can shape shift at will.
    There is one other god that chose to live with his people first hand. The king of the center clan of Jungsan pleaded and prayed to his god to grant him victory over his enemies, offering the god of Jungsan his first born as a sacrifice for power. The Jungsanyan god decided to take him up on this offer, but instead of killing the child, he possesed it. He would use this child as a tool to grant the king's wish. King Airis is the mortal vehicle for the god of Jungsan and posseses the power of flames.

Astrology: Tutom has 2 moons and 2 suns. There is a lesser moon and sun, and a greater moon and sun.
Moons: The greater moon is slightly smaller than Earth's moon, while the lesser moon is about 1/3 the size of that.
The greater moon has many names - The Pearl (Latya, Jungsan), The Pearl of Tidle (Tidle), The White Eye (DarRikit, Dert), and The Greater Moon (Skatica). It is glossy and white. The lesser moon goes just as many names - The Gem (Latya, Jungsan), The Gem of Tidle (Tidle), The Blue Eye (DarRikit, Dert), and The Lesser Moon (Skatica). This moon appears to be completely covered in water, as its surface is blue and darker currents can be seen flowing around it.
    The greater moon makes a full orbit around Tutom every 45 days, while the lesser moon takes only about 21 days.

Suns: The greater sun is about 3/4 the size of Earth's sun, while the second is only about 1/6 the size of Earth's sun.
The greater sun goes by - The Might of Jungsan (Jungsan, Latya), The Mighty Star (Tidle), The Sky Father (DarRikit, Dert), and The Greater Sun (Skatica). It's big and bright and hurts your eyes when you look at it.
    The lesser sun is - The Eye of Jungsan (Jungsan, Latya), The Eye (Tidle), The Sky Mother (DarRikit, Dert), and The Lesser Sun (Skatica). It is also bright, but smaller, it sitll hurts when you look at it though.
    As far as orbitals go, the greater sun rises, and sets first. The lesser sun rises and sets an hour later than the greater. The greater sun stays in the sky for about 22 hours, while the lesser stays 24 (generally. This time changes with seasons)
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