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    With the lush terrain of Latya bordering the south, Jungsan gradually gets more barren and mountainous the further north you go. Jungsan is known for its deserts and generally harsh landscape. You can tell what region you’re in by the color of the sand and dirt.
    South is pretty obvious; there are green forests and vegetation and whatnot and the earth is a healthy brown soil thanks to Latya.
    Eastern lands are usually a yellow, sandier color with sparse dry vegetation. This side of the country doesn’t get much attention. Most of the major cities are on the western side.
    Western sands are speckled with black, supposedly remnants from the Great War (Link Soon), and have several other different sediments mixed in with the desert sands. More harbors are on the Western side, as are most of the major cities.
    Northern territories are a chalky white and are completely void of vegetation. Northern lands have been abandoned since the Great War (LINK), and people have refused to even speak of the events that allegedly happened there.
    The heart of Jungsan has red sand and rocks that have eroded from the mountain range. This is where the capitol of Jungsan is.

    Jungsan’s early history is a barbaric one. Originally there were several clans that would fight over the land. After centuries of battles, one dominant clan was established: the center clan now called the Royal clan. The center clan had no greater army than any other clan, in fact, their army was spread across their territory, defending all sides. This power was established when the god of Jungsan decided to take a mortal body and reside on Tutom. King Airis is now posessed by the spirit of Jungsan, and no one dares to question the power of a god. The Royal clan has been in rule over the country for several decades now, and continues to appease the surrounding clans by allowing mates in, and a small slice of power here and there.

    Latya and Jungsan have been allies since record was written. The border between the two is blurred and is often considered to be a common area between the countries, not belonging to either. Jungsan provides protection to Latya from Tidle, and Latya gives Jungsan its produce and agriculture. These countries have long since shared culture, but there is a stark difference in Jungsanyan culture than Latyan.

    Basically, the further north you go, the less hospitable the Jungsanyan people get, and you don’t start off with much. These people are devout subjects of their clan, and most of all to the Royal clan. Jungsanyan people are descendants of dragons and, no matter now estranged still, share traits of the beasts.
    Jungsan is known for having the fiercest army on the planet.

Crystal Bearers:
    The Royal clan has kept a strict cap on the number of crystal bearers in Jungsan. They permit that only one family in each clan my bear crystals. It’s a tricky business, but the Royal clan is persistent on keeping the crystal power under tight surveillance.
    Those that chose to be in a draconic state when they ripped out their crystals remained dragons, and could never change back to humanoid figures, and vise verse
    Other than this morphing ability, crystal bearers have no special powers. In the draconic state there are creature abilities such as a heat, or fire breath, razor sharp teeth and claws, and the ability to fly. In a human state one can fit through small doorways, and wear shoes.

    Many traditions of Jungsan revolve around the army life. One of the most practiced is branding the ranks of those you’ve killed in battle on the inside of your upper arm. There are several more traditions that revolve around battles, honors, and kills.
    Hithai gatog is a festival in the fall that celebrates the mating season for dragons. Hithai gatog translates literally to ‘Sex Festival’ in Jungsanyan (It’s not a very discrete language, lol) Though a fairly serious matter back in the ancient days, this season is now a month long festival filled with spar matches, feasts, and baby-making.
    When two people join in Jungsan it’s called a Mating. They exchange bangles wrought of gold. These typically are very ornate with important family characteristics, and crests. Dragons, or descents of them, mate for life and infedelity is not really a problem because any doubt would probably lead to one eating the other.

Coinage and Language:
    Jungsan and Latya share the same currency: the mita system.
A tin mita will buy you a loaf of bread
A silver mita will buy you a wagon wheel
A gold mita will buy you a lousy gayte steed

    The Jungsanyan language is fairly straightforward and basic. It has some colorful words, but they are few, and usually slang to spacific reagions. Jungsanyan sounds harsh and involves some throaty grunts at times. There are 3 main accents: Southern, mid, and northern. The southern accent is a little softer sounding, and has more slang and the accents continue to get edgier the more north you get, much like the terrain.

    Desert gear is the standard for commoners. Tunics, cloth shoes, and leather are most often seen. Gold jewelry is a common ornamentation to have among the middle to upper class. Only the top clan members and Royal clan wear gold ear wing things along with other ornate decorations (Link soon). Like most wealthy people, the finest tailoring is reserved for the upper class.
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