Comic Status as of 03/07/2008

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Comic Status as of 03/07/2008

Post by Destroky »

Well... to all our fans (points to the fan on the ceiling)... I apologize...

Our last comic was posted in December of last year and it's been more than 3 months since then. As you can see, it's DestroAnts turn to write the comic... yet he hasn't... and I'm (Destroky) not going to write one since that will break the pattern... I could try to draw one claiming to be DestroAnt, but A) I already told you all my plan B) I can't draw as crappy as DestroAnt does...

We were also working on a flash game that was based on this comic and explained some of the story in more detail... and we got to level 3... but hence again... DestroAnt has failed us... has failed the world... has burnt our crops and razed the village!

I don't think the comic will ever die... since it will always live in our hearts... that, and I'll force DestroAnt to get 'er done sometime when I actually see him (he lives in Cali... and I live in Vegas)

OH! We also got our pog approved... yet we haven't had the chance of seeing it because we haven't updated our site ever since... :(

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